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AWS Regions

No description

Josh Stacey

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of AWS Regions

US East Region
(Northern Virginia) US West Region
(Northern California) US West Region
(Oregon) AWS GovCloud Region
(US) South America East Region
(São Paulo) EU Region
(Ireland) APAC Region
(Singapore) APAC Region
(Tokyo) APAC Region
(Sydney) QDC LVDC Long Procurement
Process Difficult & Costly
to Scale $$ HUGE $$ CapEx/OpEx Constant Tech
Refreshes Hardware Inflexible Hosting is NOT
Intuit's core
business Stalls Innovation
and Growth Scales
Indefinitely...in Seconds À La Carte Pricing
Provisioning Performance,
Performance High Availability &
Disaster Recover

NO BRAINER Provisioning
Measured In
WEEKS Cloud Agility Platform Infrastructure

As Code CR-06: Keep Compute Tier Stateless CR-05: Scale Horizontally CR-04: Trust Not the Execution Environment (Design for Failure) CR-03: Deploy Elastic Apps and Services CR-02: Exploit Approved Provider Capabilities CR-01: Deploy to Strategic Providers Intuit's Cloud Ready Principles CR-07: Use Cloud Storage Services Traditional Thinking Shift in Mindset From deployment inside the "fortress" ...

•Highly available infrastructure; little app resiliency required

•Application can be sensitive to latency

•Network secured through firewalls; app tiers assumed secure
… to "the battleground"

•Network, storage, compute are not
highly available

•Application must deal with variable network, disk

•Little to no network security, encrypt sensitive
data at rest, assume untrusted tiers Traditional Thinking From static deployments …

•Physical deployment is carefully planned and provisioned to order

•Application configuration can depend on a static deployment environment

•Monitoring tools and operations processes are designed for a known, dedicated environments Cloud-Ready Thinking Cloud-Ready Thinking

… to elastic infrastructure

•Application architecture must be decoupled
from infrastructure architecture.

•Application configuration cannot assume static

•Monitoring tools must deal with elastic
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