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Integrative Youth Ministry at Second 2

No description

Brian Shivers

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Integrative Youth Ministry at Second 2

serving or intending
to unify separate things
combining and coordinating
diverse elements into a whole
Oxford Dictionaries
Integration of faith & life
in a life of faith
The church and culture as a whole
have done a great job focusing on and attempting
to meet the
specific needs
of people in each stage of life.
What can be lost along the way are the vital

with others who are not a part of each unique cohort.
These connections are vital for healthy development & community.
Search Institute
found that the number one predicting factor
for the successful navigation of adolescence is a meaningful connection with
one caring adult
outside of the family.
The church is
uniquely positioned
to make a serious
effort toward "combining and coordinating
diverse elements (generations)
into a
through worship, as we praise and glorify God;
through mission, as we embody God’s love in service to the world;
through discipleship, as we listen for God’s Word;
through giving, as we express gratitude to God;
through fellowship, as we love and care for one another.
Second Presbyterian Church is
a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives:
We believe this can best be accomplished through the integration of all youth into the broader life of the church
by their full participation in
service opportunities and trips;
development of community initiatives;
all Christian education offerings;
church-wide stewardship efforts;
and the church's institutional structure
(ministry teams, committees, board of deacons, etc.)
Youth Ministries at Second Presbyterian Church
seeks to provide middle and high school students (grades 6-12)
with a welcoming, safe and encouraging community,
which gives space for faith discovery, spiritual growth, dedication to Jesus Christ,
and full engagement in the corporate life of Second Presbyterian Church.
Youth Ministries at Second is a space where middle and high school students gather not to witness an event but to be a part of something bigger than themselves where everyone belongs and all are welcomed.
Regular Worship
Sundays 8:15; 9:30; 10:35; 11:00; 6:00
Liturgists & Speakers
Moments for Discipleship
Service of Blessing, Baptism
and Communion
Special Seasonal Services
Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc.
Service of Candlelight and
Carols - Christmas Eve
Providing Music/Art
Committees, Serving at Baptism,
Home Communion
instrumentalists, vocalists, Second Winds, Wednesday night music, Youth Suite art, art installations
Church-wide Service Projects
Souper Bowl of Caring
Crop Walk
GIP/Kenya Carnival
Christmas Benevolence
Fall Service Day
Spring Service Day
Summer Sale
VBS Volunteering
Trek - high school study
Middle school Sunday am
Footsteps of Faith
Niners Mentors
High school Sunday am
Board of Deacons
Year Round Food Drive
Ministry Teams
Christmas Ugly Sweater Parties
Open Mic Night
Church Service Days
Basketball League
Class Lunches
Fall Retreat
Middle School Winter Trip
Great Wolf Lodge
High School Winter Retreat
Jameson Camp
equip for lifelong faith, investigate
calling, receive a blessing, travel in
footsteps of early church
Middle School Service Trip
High School Service Trips
Spirit Shuttle Drivers
IHN Volunteers
Service of Confirmation
Food Collection Rally
Church School Leadership
Member Night and Community Day
thinking theologically
about culture through media
walking through the story of Scripture
a confirmation experience
indepth look at the intersection
of faith and life
engaging minds through
questions of faith
peer leadership
Food Pantry Volunteers
Garden Volunteers
Fall Kickoff Events
Dave and Busters Event
Spring Break Bowling
Spring Cookout
Habitat for Humanity






if you have any questions or concerns about youth ministries at Second,
please contact Brian Shivers, Stephanie Bewley, or Tyler Wolfcale.
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