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MGMT1053: Business Lingo

No description

Melissa Newman

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of MGMT1053: Business Lingo

Business Lingo
How to "talk the talk"
Paradigm Shift

Definition: A change from the conventional way of thinking.

Definition: Agreement on a course of action.
Think Outside the Box
Think outside the box

Definition: to approach a business problem in an unconventional fashion.

Definition: A word used to describe how a situation or environment can be manipulated or controlled.
Above Board
Circle Back
Circle Back

Definition: To follow up with someone about a matter.
Deep Dive
Deep Dive

Definition: To investigate an issue or matter in depth.
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Definition: The thoroughness required to ensure success in business decision-making.

Definition: two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable.
Paradigm Shift
Above Board

Definition: Open and honest.
Touch Base
Touch Base

Definition: To get in contact with or update.
Value Proposition
Value Proposition

Definition: The collection of tangible and intangible things that your product offers.
(see also: “value added” or “value add”)
Change Agent
Change Agent

Definition: A person who implements change within a business.

Definition: Can refer to shipping, or the planning process.
PACE Team Formation
Teams for the
12:20-1:15 class
Atwal, Jessica
Blankenship, Jessica
Bonyhati, Tamas
Briede, Lauren
Bycznski, Zachary
Cheng, Lei

Deng, Na
Dickey, Corwin
Edgington, Donald
Elangovan, Surya
Franz, Austin
Jacque Alexander - Room 214
Gamel, Megan
Han, Zihao
Haynes, David
He, Jingzhao
Holloway, Dearis
Lacey, James

Marlman, Christian
McGarr, Jeffery
Oza, Dhriti
Tankersley, Claire
Wittrock, Nicholas
McKenzie Stewart - Room 215
Kat Neisel -
Room 214
Popkin, Jared
Ripich, Madison
Roy-Chaudhury, Aditya
Sansone, Joseph
Schwiers, Collin

Sopko, Stephen
Spaw, Nolan
Staten, Derek
Surabhi, Shreya
Liang, Chengyu
Yanes, Julian
Deema Alturki - Room 215
Wang, Qian
Wang, Ruping
Wang, Xiaodan
Wu, Lang
Yamaguchi, Arashi
Yan, Shi
Zhang, Xin
Zheng, Hanzhi
Zhou, Huankai
Zhu, Shiwen
Liu, Ruoxi

Teams for the
11:15-12:10 Class
PACE Leaders & Teaching Assistants

Sydney Carter - Room 107
Erin Looney - Room 107
Madi Greenwell - Room 214
Michelle Lee - Room 214
Each team will have appx 6-8 members
Team Formation
& Planning
1. Form into your teams
2. Get to know each other
3. Complete the team worksheet and turn it in
to your PACE Leader
Important Note: Do NOT yet determine your CEO/VP!
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