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Presence Management

Manage your advertisers/customers or own data on Infobel

Alain Wahba

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Presence Management

Presence Management
You have a list of point of sales, or a list of customers forwhich you manage or intend to manage their presence on the web.

Until now you were not able to claim these point of sales on the Infobel websites, neither to take advantage of the Infobel visibility efforts (SEO) on search engine or distribution channel accross 61 countries in the World.

Now through one unique API, you can Claim, Update, Enrich, Modify, Publish in Real Time, Promote, Create, Delete your listings or the ones you manage for your customers
Beyond the realtime push of your listings on Infobel and the consequential visibility on Major Search Engine, you can increase significantly your visibility on Infobel by prioretizing your listings within the results.

That means that your listings will appear above competitors and that you will be seen significantly more than the standard listings.

That part can be managed from the Presence Management API, but is subject to a specific pricing.

One of the biggest challenges is to remove inactive data
that can remain online for month if not years after the business closing.

With a simple instruction through the API you can de-activate a record that you have created or that you manage.

This will also guarantee an optimal quality throught the lifecycle of your listings/customers

Based on the information you provide for a business we identify whether it exists or not in our database.

With unique on the fly tool we show you the list of records that correspond to the business you are looking for along with a unique ID for each record you will claim.

This Unique ID is attached to the record and will remain the same the whole time you'll manage it.
Most business will take days to be visible on the web. With the Infobel Presence Management API create in real time new listings for new point of sale.

As a provider of data to the main search engines for their maps or local search services we will also provide these new listings to them (ie. Google, Bing, Apple, etc) when it corresponds to their criterias of data selection. This will guarantee an optimal spread of your point of sales throughout the web and through the main local search applications.

Publishing and Manage your listings in Realtime
See the immediate SEO effect of your listings thanks to the hundred of millions of Infobel pages indexed online
Take advantage of the Infobel data customers and get your data directely feeded to the main search engine database as base data
Manage your listings in multiple countries simulatneaously (61 countries)
Promote and increase your visibility on Infobel and consequently increase your SEO ranking

Corporate Solutions for Multiple Listings,
Procurement Submissions & Bulk Management
Publish and check in real time on Infobel any listing from any of the 61 countries we cover.

Check also in real time how this will impacts your listing when someone is searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc

The direct publishing the the hundreds of millions of Infobel indexed on Major search Engine, facilitates the immediate visibility of your new content on these search engine
Request a test access by sending an email to:
Provide the IP addresses from which you will conduct the tests so that we can white list you

We will then provide you with

An API documentation toolkit
A scheduled confcall to assist you technically
Our commercial License terms

When you have claimed your listings you can then submit all the modifications you want and enrich with a high variety of criterias.

You can change, the name, the address, the contact details (phone, fax, email, ...), the categories, the websites, the geographical coordinates, the keywords used to find these listings, the pictures, the videos, the promotions, the social links (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc...), the opening hours, the products and services, the brands, the payment types accepted, etc ...

Copyright Kapitol S.A. 1995 -2017
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