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iMacs for Accessibility

No description

burr osoinach

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of iMacs for Accessibility

iMacs for Accessibility
Goal: Provide public Access PC with accessibility features for Cobb Libraries
allow patron access
manage PC usage
Secure PCs
Get staff comfortable with mac OS
Identify & Secure iMacs
Provide Staff Training Resources for iMacs & Accessibility Features
Accessibility Feature Overview
Features Include:
Backlit keyboard
Software Accessibility Features
Screen Resolution & zoom
Color Invert, Greyscale, & Contrast
Cursor size
Screenflash & captions
Dictation / Text to Speech
Discussion & Questions
What is everyone else doing?
How is your organization providing accessible PCs?
How is your organization taking advantage of using built in features on mac PCs?
What issues & challenges does this program create?
Set up iMacs
Get the machines ready to deploy
update PCs and create admin profile
create admin email account
create iTunes / Apple ID without payment information
create branch user profile / Sign in to Apple ID
enable guest profile for public
iMacs for accessibility
enable Find my Mac in admin & branch profiles
Secure the PCs to workspace
give branch services keyboard & mouse set
RFID tag keyboard & mouse set
control access to iTunes & parent email account
create catalog record for mouse & keyboard
Provide staff with resources for basic mac OS navigation & usage
Provide staff with overview of iMac accessibility features
Give branch orientation
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