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Raising a Reader: Asking good Questions

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Katie Lingg

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Raising a Reader: Asking good Questions

Interactive Reading
Answer and Question
Ice Breaker
What does interactive reading look like?
As you are listening to the story, what questions would you ask to your child? Write your questions on a post it note.
Let's Read Together!
What is Interactive Storytelling?
Sharing books- Kids are the Storytellers
Asking many questions when you are reading
Encouraging them to talk and lead reading
January 30, 2015
Raising a Reader: Asking good Questions
1. First person give an
2. Second person gives the "
Quality Questions
Shared Reading
Healthy brain development
3. Repeat twice
1. Ask each other a who question
2. Ask each other a what, when, where, why, question.

Reading skills
Language skills
Life long love
Why is Interactive Storytelling Important
Development of Language Skills
phonological awareness
decoding skills
Young children become skilled readers
Debrief: Share your questions with other parents at your table
1. Select a book that you want to read with your child.
2. Use your post it notes to write questions as you read.
3. Share your questions with your group!
Think, Pair, Share
2. Write questions on your post-it notes that you would ask your child if you were reading
1. Listen to the Read-Aloud
Post-It Reading
Time to practice Reading and Questioning!
In Conclusion....
Give one...take one.....
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