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LinkedIn Training Basics

No description

Dymian Kritikos

on 23 March 2018

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Transcript of LinkedIn Training Basics

Best LinkedIn Strategies

Get these done immediately
Top Elements You Must Have On Your LinkedIn Profile
Activity on your profile is the key to showing up in Google searches by recruiters
Post Content
Key Take Away Items
Linkedin is the #1 job search tool
Snappy Headline/Pro Pic
Contact Info.
Make your contact information easy to find by recruiters
150 connections at least
Find the decision makers & background on them
From other posts & online articles

Write a blog on a subject of your expertise
Top in Searches
Google "Juice"
Receive Opportunities
When recruiters find you!
#1 Way Recruiters find you
They will look online first via
a Google Search
This is what they will type in

Your Professional Online Identity
You must have one to be considered
Find the Hiring Managers
Speak to them directly
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
These are Gold!

Members with a photo get 21 X more profile views

Add 5 + a day
Dymian Kritikos

Your name came up on LinkedIn as someone I should connect with so I visited your profile and noticed XXX. (could be their college, old company, group they belong to etc.) I thought it might make sense for us to connect on LinkedIn.
(Like something from their recent activity then...) Thank you very much for sharing the article on XXX, I found it to be very helpful. Let's connect, I am looking forward to reading more of your shares.
Add Phone #, email
“location * tulsa oklahoma area” (“cost accountant” OR “cost accounting” OR “cost analyst”) SAP “2..15 years”

Join Groups
Ex. ojttulsa
Over 467 million professionals
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