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Distinguished women in mathematics

No description

Paola Elefante

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Distinguished women in mathematics

Distinguished women in mathematics
Check out the movie "Agora" (2009) by Alejandro Amenábar
Elena Lucrezia Cornaro
Child prodigy: knew more than 6 languages and could play violin and write music as a child.

First woman to get a Ph.D. (philosophy).
Maria Gaetana Agnesi
Knew 7 languages!

Advocated for education for women.

Got a position in Bologna from the Pope himself.

Chose to be a philanthropist over a scientist.
Mary Somerville
Was "secretely" educated.

Her first husband did not support her, luckily things were different with the second.

Was strongly admired by Laplace.

First woman in the Royal Astronomical Society
(together with Caroline Herschel)
Sof'ja Vasil'evna Kovalevskaja
Her parents opposed to her studies.

Her husband allowed her to attend the University of Heidelberg.

First woman in Europe to get the Ph.D. in Mathematics.
First woman in the world to get a Professor position (in Stockholm)
Emmy Noether
Her gender and her religion were big obstacles in her career.

Hilbert advocated for her.
She helped him and Klein.

Worked in abstract algebra and published more than 40 papers.
Maryam Mirzakhani
First woman to be appointed with Fields Medal (2014).

First female Iranian to win the International Mathematics Olympiad (1994)

Described as humble, tenacious and
fearlessly ambitious.

"You can do it even though
you'll be the first one".
Presented by Paola Elefante
350/370-450 AD
Neoplatonist, astronomer, mathematician from the school of Athens.

Just small fragments of her work survived.
Commemorative stone in Venice
Some reflections...
The University of Helsinki has never had a Mathematics female professor!!!
Women's studies or careers are ostracized in many countries.
How to help the situation?
fight social stereotypes
advocate for women's education
practical aid for career
Thank you for your attention.

Comments or questions are welcome!
You are welcome to the
History of Mathematics
course next spring (lectured by Eero Saksman).
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