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Classroom Procedures 2018-2019

No description

Brenda Valls

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures 2018-2019

Entering the Room
Mrs. Valls
When you are Tardy…
1. Enter quietly AND sign the tardy log.
Bring pass to me upon entry.
Sign the Tardy log and quietly go to your assigned seat, log in to your computer & follow along with lesson.
2. Do Not disturb others.
Following procedures and guidelines results in:
Respect for all individuals.
A stress-free learning environment.
A pleasant and orderly classroom.
An awesome year!
“Everything I do is in every student's best interest, so please respect it.”
Upon return after an absence students should turn in a written note to the attendance office from parent &/or doctor.
If an absence remains Unexcused (U) more than 3 days an office referral will be submitted for being "out of class without permission."
Excused absences are defined as school-related or those with parent/doctor’s note, etc.
Be seated at your assigned computer by the time the tardy bell rings placing books, backpack, purse, etc. under your computer table.
Log in using your own student log in only!
Look at board for instruction or warm up.
Be ready for instruction.
Business Information Management
Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance
1st, 2nd, & 3rd = Verbal Warning
4th & EVERY tardy beyond = Office Referral

Tardies count for an entire SEMESTER…until January 18th.
Tardies will ONLY be excused with a written pass from previous class' teacher or administrator.
Hard Work
Good Behavior
Follow procedures & rules and you will be successful.
Don't get lazy!
Only sit in YOUR assigned seat.
Do not move to another seat without permission.
Keep your feet off furniture.
Do NOT move computer parts or furniture unless instructed to do so by your teacher.
Computer stations will be spaced in order to prevent accidents.
"10/10 Rule"

You will NOT be allowed to go anywhere during the following times:

First 10 minutes & last 10 minutes of class.

You may lose the privilege to go anywhere, at anytime if you come to class late, have not been participating, fail to complete assignments, misbehave, etc.
What to do next?
Finish other incomplete assignments.
Practice keyboarding, review information, certification practice.
Work on other assignments.
Read, write, or draw.
Log off computer.

What NOT to do:
Disturb others
Move to another seat
Play games
Watch videos
Finish early?
Electronic devices such as cell phones, IPads, etc.

This is a computer lab. Therefore, there is NO need for you to use your "OWN" device.
Keep devices on silent or OFF and put away in your backpack/purse.
Substitute Teacher Assignments
Work quietly.
Must turn in completed assignment before end of class. Grades will be taken.
Be on your BEST behavior—same rules apply!
Negative comments = disciplinary action!
Special Procedures

I will dismiss you when class is over—stay focused the entire time.
ALWAYS Log off the computer.
Stay seated and keep voices down.
Do not get up, move around & especially DO NOT wait by the door for the bell to ring.
When bell rings push your chair in so that students can navigate freely between desks.
If we have no bells, I will release you.
Failure to follow classroom & school guidelines and procedures may result in any OR all of the following:
Parent contact
Office referral

Let's have a great year!

Emergency Procedures
Fire Drill
Leave all belongings
Use designated exit only
Remain with class while outside
Return to class promptly when given the all clear!

Lock Down
Move away from the door
Maintain Silence; No talking
Sit on floor in front corner
Do NOT open the door
If you are out of class, you will not be allowed to enter. Go into the 1st open classroom or bathroom

Lock Out
Get Inside
Business as Usual
Be Respectful
Do not talk when I am teaching
Do not talk when other students are asking a question or giving a presentation
Do not use earbuds or headphones unless I give permission

Can I use my own electronic devices?
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