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Food Oasis in the Sonoran Desert - Options for Food Resilience

No description

Tres English

on 5 May 2018

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Transcript of Food Oasis in the Sonoran Desert - Options for Food Resilience

Block scale
Neighborhood scale
Cluster scale
Urban Village Center
Crossroads Festival
Trader Joe's
House scale
Cluster scale
Urban Village
Home Scale
Cluster / Block Scale
N'hood Scale
Commercial Scale
Design Palette...
...for a Food Oasis in the Sonoran Desert
Water Opportunities
Complete Streets
36,000 acre-feet
60,000 acre-feet
18,000 acre-feet
140,000 acre-feet
Home Gardens
3rd Dimension
Trellises &
Desert green roofs
Edible landscapes
Rainwatered edible landscapes
Aquaponics & Hydropnics
Edible Traffic Calming
Enough rain for 4-6 per block
Community gardens
Urban farms & gardens
Food forest
2000 year old Moroccan Food Forest
Backyard garden
3-D and vertical
Aquaponics, Living Walls, and Water Harvesting
Edible Landscapes
Slow traffic with edible landscape
Traffic calming with dryland food plants
Neighborhood gathering spot
Community gardens attract people
Market garden or small Urban farm
High-volume water storage
Playground can be
built anywhere
Any intersection can become a neighborhood center
Shade walkways with solar collectors
Constructed Wetland
recovers nutrients
Food Forest
2000 year old Moroccan
Constructed Wetland
San Francisco PUC Building
Neighborhood Gathering Spot
Neighborhood Gathering Spot
Constructed Wetlands
Otay Mesa Border Crossing
San Francisco PUC Headquarters
Every Neighborhood can become a
Food Oasis in the Sonoran Desert

Slow traffic
Commercial transition
1 million pounds fish in 3 acres
Growing Power
Edible traffic calming
Community gardens
attract people
Several families can work together
Neighborhood gathering spot
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