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2016-2018 New Member Welcome Presentation

Welcome to Zonta International! To view the presentation, click on the dark arrow below. To view the presentation in full screen, scroll over the "More" link below and click on "Fullscreen"

Zonta International

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of 2016-2018 New Member Welcome Presentation

And finding ways to provide health care to women internationally.
As a member, you are now...
Helping us build upon a rich history of improving women's lives...
One of nearly 30,000 members in 66 countries worldwide....
Working to end violence against women...
Providing opportunities for women to advance their education...
You are now...
a Zontian
What it means to be a Zontian
It means you're part of an organization with a story...
We have grown to become an international organization. Currently, we have nearly 1,200 clubs worldwide.
But our impact goes beyond membership...
We fund projects to improve the health, educational and economic status of women all over the world...
Zonta is continuing to support a United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) project to end obstetric fistula in Liberia.
In our effort to improve women's lives, we also work with other international organizations...
We have representatives at the United Nations in New York, Bangkok, Geneva, Paris and Vienna, as well as with the Council of Europe...
General consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Our international presence and programs are just a part of being a Zontian.
It is also about improving the lives of women locally.
Every year, Zontians improve women's lives in their communities through working on projects like...
The Zonta Club of Kowloon in Hong Kong developed the first Chinese-speaking mobile app
designed to prevent domestic
violence and protect women
And the Zonta Club of Kankakee sponsored Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women material on trucks to raise awareness about violence and trafficking.
Clubs find thousands of ways to impact their communities and make a difference at a local or international level.
We look forward to the ways you will empower women in your community and around the world through service and advocacy.
For more information on our organization, please check out the following pages:
For more information, visit our website at
Welcome again, and we are excited that you are now a Zontian!
Welcome to Zonta International!
Our History
Foundation Funds
The Zontian Magazine
For additional information on the projects Zonta International Foundation currently funds, please visit the International Programs page on the Zonta International website at http://www.zonta.org/Global-Impact/Service
Our international service projects work to improve women's lives in developing countries or countries in transition.
In Madagascar, Zonta is partnering with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support parents to send their daughters to school, provide training for their teachers and ensure girls have a proper environment in which to learn.
Nepal has been a source of human trafficking for years. Together with UN Women, Zonta International is helping implement a new legislative policy framework to address the connection between migration and human trafficking.
These projects are made possible only by the funds given to the Zonta International Foundation. This is a way that Zonta clubs, club members and friends of Zonta can impact the lives of women and girls internationally in a sustainable and tangible way. Learn more at foundation.zonta.org
This biennium, Zonta will fund projects that:
Empower women recovering from fistula in Liberia
Provide proper education to girls in Madagascar
End child marriage and early pregnancy in Niger
Stop human trafficking and unsafe migration in Nepal
While supporting women through these varying projects, we also empower future generations by offering scholarships.
The Jane M. Klausman Women
in Business Scholarship offers
financial support to women pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in business and business management.
The Young Women in Public Affairs Award recognizes young women for their work in public service and civic causes. Since 1990, Zonta has given 804 awards (includes international awards) totaling US$764,750 to 692 young women from 54 countries.
Finally, Amelia Earhart Fellowship assists women pursuing advanced degrees in aerospace science or engineering. In honor of the former Zontian and famed pilot, Zonta has awarded 1,508 Amelia Earhart Fellowships, totaling
US$9.3 million, to women
from 70 countries.

For a full list of the scholarships Zonta International provides, please visit the International Programs page on the Zonta International website:
These representatives advocate for women's rights and status internationally.

Currently, Zonta is the only international women's non-governmental organization that focuses on the first 16 articles of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
In combination with our service projects and awards, these international advocacy strategies enacted by Zontians empower women worldwide.
While improving women's lives locally, becoming a Zontian also is a great opportunity for you to...
Create relationships both in your community and internationally with members from all over the world.
Network with your fellow members
Mentor in your community
One way to connect and meet Zontians is at the international convention. In 2018, the Zonta International Convention will be in Yokohama, Japan.
As Japan's First Port of Call, Yokohama looks forward to welcoming you to Zonta International's 64th Convention.
Zonta International clubs work with secondary and post-secondary students through the Z Club and Golden Z Club program. Students learn leadership and service skills by taking on projects at the school, local and international levels.
Website Information for members
For more information, visit
Special relationships with United Nations entities promoting women's rights

Participatory status with the Council of Europe
Consultative status with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Zonta is continuing work with UNFPA for a second biennium to delay early marriages in Niger and to give girls the ability to make their own decisions.
Since 1998, we have given 441 scholarships to women from 50 countries.
Women at risk in Nepal are being equipped with livelihood skills, trained in skills for economic empowerment and provided counseling.
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