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SwaRaksha Press Presentation

No description

Nayan Goenka

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of SwaRaksha Press Presentation

SwaRaksha is an initiative taken by Highway Police Maharashtra with Energy Labs to harvest the optimum use of technology in the domain of emergency response system.
Swaraksha is an Android platform application which is available on Google Play Store at free of cost.
How to Use
SwaRaksha is available free of cost to download from Google Play Store. After it is installed, it requires the user to feed some information in the application one time.
How it Works
This is a huge step for the Highway Police Maharashtra to ensure road safety is of sole importance for us and this time we have used technology to partner us.
"Help Shall be given to those
Who ask for it... "

SwaRaksha is an Android application which uses GPS to navigate and send distress signals to emergency contacts in an event of a simple tap.
Send a distress message with one tap of screen to your emergency contact person as well as Highway Police Control room. This feature uses GPS which is present in your Android smartphone. Your location is fetched in terms of latitude and longitude which is accurate upto 3' without the use of Internet. The distress call contains user's Name, his location.
It has add-on feature to make emergency calls to State Emergency Response Centers.
Police- 100
Ambulance- 102
Fire Brigade- 101
Highway Police
It has an in-house map view of all the Traffic Aid Posts of Highway Police Maharashtra with exact drive-ready co-ordinates. It also gives information about every TAP like, its address, location, nearest aids etc with a single touch on its location.
First Aid guide and information is available at a screen for general public awareness so that they can try to help the accident/emergency victims by the time the rescue teams arrive.
The information needed includes
Users' name
Emergency Contact Name and No
Home/Emergency Contact Address
Blood Group of the user
We also recommend the users to create a shortcut of the application on their home screens to facilitate instant availability
To avoid a fake call or mistaken taps, we have added a double confirmation before sending the messages to your emergency contact as well as Highway Police Control Room
Step 1
The user taps the center emergency button on the screen and confirms his activity through an alert box pop-up.
In all two alert boxes will pop-up each confirming the two texts to be sent. One to the emergency contact preference and the other to the Highway Police Control Room
The Text will contain the users' name, his accident location address with GPS coordinates.
Step 2
The Highway Police Control Room wireless operator will analyze the location of the accident using the GPS coordinates received in the text message
She/He will then call-back on the receiving number and try to establish communication with her/him. This is the most important part of the system. Establishing communication with the victims.
Meanwhile he will alert all the nearest response teams, TAPs, control rooms about the incident and send the rescue team. Also after getting details from the victim necessary services will be dispatched to the accident location.
Step 3
On arriving at the accident spot, the police personnel and other teams will begin the recovery procedure. Family/next of kin will be informed if not already and hopefully we will be able to save her/his life. This concludes the rescue procedure with a positive effort.
This is a must have application for all the masses. This will give them a sense of relief that someone is always watching their back in any case of emergency.
This application will send GPS data even without proper internet connection. This has increased our reach dynamically to a wide spectrum of users covering vast span of remote areas all over the state.
Highway Police Maharashtra and Energy Labs have tried their best to deliver a strong application in the public sector to make the access to state services easier.
Thank You!
An Android Application
A Brainchild of Highway Police Maharashtra and Energy Labs
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