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designing worship with an expansive evangelical impulse

No description

Jessica Patchett

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of designing worship with an expansive evangelical impulse


What I had always hoped was that, since I come so much from the same kind of world as those people who don’t touch Christianity with a ten-foot pole also come from maybe I could be a bridge, one of their own who had gone over to the other side, saying things in a language they would understand.

-Frederick Buechner
thanks for coming!

Gift song
Sing a Song
Practice Prayer
Stories of faith
Sing a Song

• Reformed tradition
• Americana music
• Interactive, casual
• Accessible, inclusive
• Authentic welcome
Go therefore ...
Covenant Presbyterian is a dynamic Christian community
that gladly invites all people
into a transformational experience of faith;
boldly proclaims the gospel,
bravely works toward a whole and just world,
and passionately nurtures discipleship.
Go, therefore ...
Call together. Select. Appoint. Devote.
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