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Working with Latina and African American girls-Cultural Wealth Perspective

JSI-CDC presentation, Bianca Guzman and Rhonda Lewis May 26, 2015

Bianca Guzman

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of Working with Latina and African American girls-Cultural Wealth Perspective

Working with Latina and African American Girls from an Asset-based Prospective
Bianca L Guzman, PhD
Director, Go East LA Initiative
Center for Engagement, Service, and the Public Good
California State University, Los Angeles and Rhonda K. Lewis, Professor of Psychology, Wichita State University
Self Agency, Voice
Cultural Context and Cultural Wealth Model
Tools and Resources
Tailor the Programs Based Upon Relative Risk Levels
Have Teens Help Design the Programs
Include Incentives
Include a Guardian Component

Holistic Approach
Build Upon Their Natural Skill Sets
Appreciate them
Encourage them
Listen to their voices
Build Upon Their Natural Skill Sets Continued...
Modify your curriculum based on outreach
Engage in comprehensive programming
Be sensitive to their environments and neighborhoods in which they reside
Positive Youth Development
Romantic Partners
Role of Parents and Extended Family

Extended Family
(Uncles,cousins, etc.)
Diagram of Connectedness
"Girls have the power!"
Male Component
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