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Sunshine Coast Tourism AGM

No description

Annie Schroeder

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Sunshine Coast Tourism AGM

Mark on My Map
First Impressions
"Turning at the corner to Egmont and home of the world famous Skookumchuck Narrows was the best treat we've given ourselves in a while....This may be a small area but what it offers is "Skookum
-Egmont: The Best Kept Secret
Suncruiser Media
"Love and sunshine filled this rustic outdoor wedding on the Sunshine Coast."
-Kim Mah, Real Weddings
"With more than 60km of shorelines and several islands, this is a boater's dream. ...Other than a ridiculously breath-taking view, you can expect to see osprey, eagles, ravens, and deer."
-Powell River: Green Gem of the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Observer
"One of the most stunningly scenic coastlines in the Northwest draws travelers to the Sunshine Coast's sheltered bays fringed with fir-scented forests."
-Weekend Escape: Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, TripFinder
"The Sunshine Coast delivers a remarkable shift, from bustling city to forested, coastal bliss. …Gibsons, with its stroll-worthy shopping street, marks one end of the verdant coast you’ll explore over three days.”
-Two Times the Fun: Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast -- West Jet Magazine
"...for jaw-dropping scenery, the area's star destination is Princess Louisa Inlet"
-B.C. is a coastal paradise for boaters, Vancouver Sun
"With its unparalleled natural scenery, laid-back West Coast vibe and emerging foodie scene, the Sunshine Coast is an uptapped treasure trove of experience."
-The Sunshine Coast Uncovered: five cool things to experience, Andrea Cox, Calgary Herald
Email News
4,349 subscribers
207% inc for 2015
5,476+ 'likes'
+15% inc 2015
New Signage
Visitor Info Centres
28,000 venue visits over 3 days (+33% from 2014)
2014: 9,887
2015: 10,255

2014: 12,199
2015: 11,163

Powell River
2014: 6,593 + 502 (roaming/events) = 7,095
2015: 7,450 + 271 (roaming/events) = 7,721
26% inc
131k vs 104k

28% inc
106k vs 82k

Page Views
8% inc
296k vs 275k

NOTES: 64% increase in mobile use in 2015
Sunshinecoastcanada.com Statistics
4.4% Increase YTD over 2014 (total for all routes)
Points of Entry
Horseshoe Bay: 3.3% inc YTD
Comox: 13.7% inc YTD
Stats are showing a
"5 year high"
; ridership not seen since 2010
4,664+ 'followers'
+32% inc 2015

2853+ 'followers'
+245% inc for 2015
Average Like per Media
"Spectacular in every way!"
"Zodiac adventure of a lifetime!"
"All season spot to relax & enjoy life...."
"Fantastic guiding through extraordinary scenery"
"The food was nothing short of excellent"
"We were so comfortable & relaxed we never wanted to leave"
Festivals, Events, &
Farmers' Markets
Connecting visitors with experiences:
-Events calendar
-Blog posts
-Social media
How did we do?
The Visitor Experience
Social Influence
Travel Inspiration
1. Canada 82%
- BC
- Alberta
- Ontario

Female: 68%
 Male: 32%

EQ Types:
Cultural Explorer
Authentic Experiencers
Free Spirits
2. USA 10%
- Washington
- California
- Oregon
3. Europe 7%
- UK
- Germany
- Netherlands
25-54 = 70% of total market

25-34 (20%)
35-44 (26%)
45-54 (24%)
5 festival article promotions on both FestivalSeekers.com and Miss604.com

Total campaign reach = 163k

Contest received with 1892 entries
Mobile Visitor Information Kiosk
Share with us!
Ferry Stats
Paul Kamon, Andrea Wickham-Foxwell, Annie Schroeder
103k Views, 2k shares, 232k people reached
GO COASTAL! Destination Video
Content Marketing
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