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3조 유방암 5번째 발표

발표자 김정규

eunhee lee

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of 3조 유방암 5번째 발표

Milena Flament taking diagnosis The whole world is zooming People in every country on earth are using prezi to make their ideas zoom. and growing at a rate CTO of over 1 million users a month. which allows a more effective use of spatial relativity to convey meaning. breast cancer team. 3
- operation part2.
- Myung-Sook's diary step by step 2th) breast ultrasonography 1st) mammography operation
- to check breast cancer
- when it appear dendrimer
and several type of fine calcification mammography breast ultrasonography - to distinguish cystic tumor from solid tumor
- who has high density of breast cell
- to examine tissue of nontactual tumor MRI - who has surgery or receive radiation treatment PET Myung-Sook's Diary - don't know metastasized site,
difficult to identify in checkup. test results breast cancer..? " I doubt it is me"....??!!! 3th) breast biopsy (Fine needle aspiration, excisional biopsy, mammotome) - lumpectomy
- partial mastectomy
- total mestectomy THANK YOU @.@ lumpectomy that conserve the breast
and partial mastectomy. operation part2.
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