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Startup - acabado (Não Mexer)

No description

Gabriela Ribeiro

on 16 February 2018

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Transcript of Startup - acabado (Não Mexer)

Step 1
What is a startup?
A startup is a new established business, and typically fast-growing, with the goal of creating or improving a certain product, service, process or platform.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Research the costs associated with your business. Know how much money you'll need and decide where it could come from.
Get investors. Find someone who is willing to help your business move forward.
Get all necessary licenses and permits that your company needs.
But how can I create a startup? What are the basic steps to create a startup?
Be persistent
Think out of the box
Stick to your own ideas
Startups often adapt technology to solve problems because, nowadays, internet is everywhere. Although, a startup does not, by definition, have to be tech-oriented.
How do startups work?
Do your market research.
Contact people who've been in the same position as you.

Know what you want to do
Find someone who's 'dumb' enough to help you
Been there, done that bi***
Find a competent team, who has the same goals as you and is:

Hard-worker (cause we don’t want lazy people besides us)
Able to work with other people and share ideas
Respectful and polite to others
Clever and have (some) experience on the job
Creative/think out of the box
just do it, but not alone
Decide on a business structure and a business name. Create a logo.
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