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Connecting Farms to CalFresh

No description

Maggie Fleming

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Connecting Farms to CalFresh

Who We Are

Maggie Fleming
, Transition US
Suzi Grady
, Petaluma Bounty
Elizabeth Kaiser
, Singing Frogs Farm
Melita Love
, Farm to Pantry

Angela Wooton,
Foodies Project

We want
fresh local food
to be
accessible to low-income residents
in Sonoma County.
We want our
local farms
35,000 Sonoma County residents
receive CalFresh and spend
$5.4 million
in benefits every month while at most $3600 of this was spent at farmers' markets and direct farms

Prior to the project, only
4 Sonoma County farms
accepted CalFresh

There is a state program that underwrites the cost of obtaining an EBT machine for qualifying farmers will expire at the end of
September 2014.

More fruit!
2) Increase low-income families’
to CSAs

3) Improve farmer
profitability and viability
by expanding their customer-base
CBO partnerships are in the works
Petaluma Bounty
Farm to Pantry and Alliance Medical Center
Foodies' Project

Work with Sonoma County to spread awareness among CalFresh users

Reach out to local organizations to help spread the word

Create an awareness campaign for CalFresh users

Fruits of our labor!
Singing Frogs Farm gets EBT license.
Connecting Farms to CalFresh
1) Support Sonoma County farmers in
overcoming barriers
associated with obtaining CalFresh licenses.
Next Steps
Suzi Grady
Elizabeth Kaiser
Melita Love
Maggie Fleming
Angela Wooton

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