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English 8- Limericks

Day 4 ECS 300 Field Lesson Guide

Aimee Castillo

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of English 8- Limericks

Wrap it Up
Status Update
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Grab some golden coins, minimum of 1,
BUT don't eat
them yet.
Limericks are a type of nonsense poetry that are meant to be silly and very funny.

5 lines and very specific rhythm & beat.

Legend say...
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Share your work

Bottom Lines:
Share one thing you liked about today's class,
one comment, question, or suggestion.

One topic you liked to learn for next class.

Golden Coins

Haiku is a Japanese verse in three lines.
Lives In
1234 Rainbow Crescent, R0Y 6I8

Shoulders- Shane Koyczan
Status Update
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Ms. C
Taught by Ms. H few weeks ago.
English class with:
Writing Limericks!

Template A
There once was a __________________ called ____________
All the while s/he hoped _______________________________
So s/he ____________________________________________
That______________________from _____________________

Template B
I once met a _______________ from a __________________
Everyday s/he______________________________________
But whenever s/he __________________________________
The ______________________________________________
That strange ________________ from __________________

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