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No description

Janet Anders

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Lincoln

1862: A Year in the Life of Abraham Lincoln
Union soldiers hold down the balloon while Lowe stands in the basket writing a report.
A messenger on horseback waits to take the dispatch to headquarters.
General George B. McClellan
Fanny McCullough
King Mongut and his heir
Prince Chulalonghorn.

General Robert E. Lee
Meditation on Divine Will
September 2, 1862
Letter to Fanny McCullough
December 23, 1862
"'Masterly Inactivity' - Six Months on the Potomac," cartoon, February 1, 1862

Emancipation Proclamation [California printing, Cheesman copy], January 1, 1863 [1864] (Gilder Lehrman Collection)
President Lincoln visits General
McClellan after the Battle of Antietam

First page of King Mongut’s
letter to President Buchanan.
Horace Greeley
The White House, 1862
Mary Todd Lincoln
Tad and Abraham Lincoln.
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