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The e-resources of the EAMT Library

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EMTA raamatukogu

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of The e-resources of the EAMT Library

An overview of the EAMT Library e-resources
Why and how to use our online databases
Using the library databases you can:

use reference books
read articles from journals
listen to music
watch videos

First of all go to the
EAMT homepage.
Choose the English version

and go on to the

licence based databases (available only in the EAMT computer network)

guidelines how to access the databases with the Estonian ID-card outside the
EAMT computer network

free access databases
A list of all library
EAMT databases are
also attainable after
clicking on the icon
Full Text Finder

or the link
By every journal title you
can see in which
it's available and from which
year on you can read
full text articles.
Writing the title of the journal
into the search box
enables you to find out
which database includes
the journal you are interested in.
I would like to read the journal The Musical Times of 1964.

NB! Write the journal title without the definite article "the".
The issues of 1964 open under this link
Browse by discipline
you can browse journals by different subjects.
Music for example
(Répertoire international de littérature musicale) – a bibliography of international musicological literature since 1967. It contains about 620 000 records with references to articles, books, bibliographies, catalogues etc.

(Répertoire international de la presse musicale) – a bibliographic database of international musical periodicals from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. It contains about 500 000 records - summaries and bibliographies of musical periodicals and articles between 1800-1950.

International Bibliogaphy of Theatre & Dance with Full Text
– a database of performing arts with about 60 000 records.

Academic Search Complete
– worlds biggest multidisciplinary database that contains full texts from about 8500 publications (including 7300 peer reviewed). Above all it's addressed to the academic circles.

Education Full Text
- an educational database with full text articles from about 400 journals since 1996.
In the beginning of the search choose the
you need and click
Write the subject term in plural
Mark the field
Linked Full Text
How to find published interviews with famous opera director Peter Sellars?
results found. Let's open the article from the "American Theatre" from 2011.

allows access to
33 music journals.
Every issue is digitized since the start of publishing and many of them from the
19th century.
NB! JSTOR is an archive of journals so issues from the past 3-5 years are absent.
How to find articles about the tintinnabuli-style from JSTOR?
Let's open the second article from the list.
results found.

Cambridge University Press

is a database of articles
with about
You can browse lists
of journals, titles or
subjects and use both
quick and advanced search.
Cambridge Journals Online
How to find articles by Brendan Drummond from the CUP e-journals?
NB! On all article databases you can also search by author, title, subject and issue date in addition to the keyword search.

Grove Music Online
music lexicon is a historical database. It's particularly useful to check original titles, catalogue numbers and opus numbers of compositions.
Grove Music Online
NB! The names of Russian authors and titles have different forms in the databases but definitely not in Cyrillic!
To read about Beethoven insert his last name into the search box.
Open the link
An article about Beethoven's life and works opened.
You can see a complete list of compositions under
a new tab.
(International Phonetic Alphabet)
is a database of phonetic
transcriptions and literal
translations of opera arias
and art song texts.
At the moment IPA
contains over
12 000
and over
with pronunciation instructions
(also in sound)
translations into English.
IPA Source
Let's examine the phonetic text and translation of the song “Pleurs d’or” op. 72 by Gabriel Fauré.
Sound and video databases
Naxos Music Library
Naxos Video Library
Naxos Music Library
includes sound recordings by the record labels Naxos, BIS, Virgin Classics, EMI, Marco Polo, Hänssler among many others, all together over
1 400 000 mp3-files.
In addition to listening music you can also read the booklet, find information about the performers, composers, etc.
How to listen to Mahler's
9th symphony conducted
by Bernard Haitink?
Typing "haitink mahler" into the search box you get
a list of recordings from which you can choose the one you're interested in.
NB! Before exiting the database definitely click on
You can listen to the whole composition or certain movements, read the booklet, find information about the piece...
Naxos Video Library
contains opera and ballet productions, classical music concerts, masterclasses and documentaries that you can search by composers, performers, compositions, genres, festivals, directors, etc.
Let's watch the opera
“Cavalleria rusticana” by Mascagni.
Subtitles in five
different languages
NB! After finishing definitely click LOG OUT.
you can see live-productions of classical music performances
(concerts, stage works, etc. in addition to archive recordings,
documentaries and films.
On the picture you can see a capture from a
Let's look at the
documentary section of
Good luck with the EAMT databases!
You can also browse
by composer, title, poet and several other indicators.
EBSCOhost Research Databases
is a platform for reference books, electronic journals and full text journals. Under EBSCO you can find many interesting databases including in the fields of music, theatre and education.
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