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Organizational Structure of SNFI_2018

No description

Scott Smith

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Organizational Structure of SNFI_2018

Organizational Structure
Sigma Nu Fraternity
The Law of Sigma Nu
High Council
General Fraternity /
Office of the
Executive Director

Collegiate Chapter

Chapter Members
Risk Reduction Policy
& Guidelines
The Fraternity's constitution. The Law sets membership requirements, standards of conduct, and the framework for the operation of all entities of the Fraternity, including collegiate chapters. It is designed to allow for autonomy and self-governance in collegiate chapters. The Law also includes the Trial Code - a set of due process rules and procedures for disciplining initiated members.
The Board of Directors of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. and is elected by the Grand Chapter. It serves as the governing arm of the General Fraternity during the period between Grand Chapters. Governance of the High Council is relegated to those duties especially prescribed by The Law. In cases where no especial duty is prescribed by The Law, the High Council shall act on those situations through interpretation of The Law.
Composed of the Office of the Executive Director and the rest of the Fraternal Staff. The General Fraternity is responsible for taking the vision set forth by the Grand Chapter and High Council and carrying out programs, initiatives and policies required to achieve those goals.
A license which authorizes a group to operate as a Sigma Nu affiliate; this may be revoked by the High Council if a group fails to uphold the values of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. This represents the Collegiate Chapter’s right to represent Sigma Nu, to use its rituals, emblems and other official markings. Without this license and High Council recognition a chapter cannot be considered a part of the fraternity.
The collegiate chapter membership, when gathered in a formal business session, is responsible for all decision making within the Chartered chapter. Approval of all bylaws and election of chapter officers are all the responsibility of the Collegiate Chapter members. The Collegiate Chapter is the equivalent of the Grand Chapter at the local level.
A set of guidelines and policies established by a chapter to govern the authorities granted to officers in the time between chapter meetings. Like The Law, the Chapter Bylaws define membership criteria, voting procedures, and establish judicial procedures, among other things. The Chapter Bylaws cannot contradict The Law, and should act as an extension thereof, able to be adapted to fit local needs.
The Chapter Officers are responsible for executing the duties of their respective position and contributing to the general welfare of the chapter. Officers are to guide the local chapter, but are ultimately accountable to the desires and decisions of the chapter as a whole. The Chapter Officers are the equivalent of the High Council on a local level.
Committees are made up of all members of a chapter and are tasked with achieving the goals set out by the Collegiate Chapter and the Chapter Officers. The Committee System allows for delegation of authority to ensure a more effective working environment. Committees allow all chapter members an outlet to actively contribute to the Chapter.
Individual candidates and brothers of the Fraternity that comprise the local chapter. Members must be matriculates of the host institution and are responsible for the revenue, representation and advancement of the local chapter.
Grand Chapter
Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines
are, in effect, the parameters within which members and chapters are expected to operate to promote human safety, provide for a safe and developmental experience and ensure compliance with the agreements between the Fraternity and its insurance carrier.
High Council
Grand Treasurer
Vice Regents (4)
Collegiate Grand Councilmen (4)
A four day, democratic legislative convention where representatives of the Fraternity’s collegiate and alumni chapters and Grand Officers meet to determine new legislation and operational direction of the Fraternity for the next biennium. Responsible for proposing and making amendments to The Law, passing the biennial budget and electing the High Council
The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity
Chapter Members
Collegiate Chapter
Grand Chapter
Chapter Bylaws
Chapter Officers
High Council
Executive Director/General Fraternity
So what order do they go in?
Summer 2020
69th Grand Chapter
Groups of 3
Standing in a tight circle
So what order do they go in?
Are you sure?
Denver, Colorado
Sigma Nu Educational
Sigma Nu members can make direct contributions to the general fund, maintenance and improvements to the Headquarters property, specific fraternity programs, or scholarship funds. Foundation donors can also establish and contribute to chapter-specific housing, educational, and scholarship funds.
Board of Directors
Past Chairman
At-Large Directors (2)
Voting Directors (up to 9)
Young Alumnus Director (under 30 yrs.)
Collegiate Director (2)
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