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Week 5 Lesson 1: World War One - military and economic impact

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Liam Brooks

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 5 Lesson 1: World War One - military and economic impact

Thank You!
The Great War: Military and economic impact
To understand the military and economic impact of the war.

Students will be able to explain how military defeats and frontline discontent, as well as economic and industrial dislocation contributed to the development of the Russian Revolution.

Activity: Posters explaining the military and economic impact of the Great War
1. Working in pairs.

2. Use the information in the reading (and other resources if you wish), to create a poster explaining
of these prompts:

Prompt 1:
Why did the Russian army perform so poorly during the war?

Prompt 2:
What were the three main economic effects of the war in Russia?

3. Your poster must include:
At least
three relevant images
primary source quotes
related to the prompt.
An excerpt from
two historical interpretations
(historians' opinions) related to the prompt.

4. Use the reading and list of websites to help you
(Alphahistory is a good one)

5. We have the remainder of the period to complete the poster.

Recap: Overview of Russia in The Great War
1. Working in groups of four.

2. Complete the brainstorming slip regarding:

- Military setbacks in 1914.
- Economic dislocation
- Nicholas II's unwise choice

3. We have 8 minutes.

4. Class discussion to follow.
Week 5 Lesson 1

World War One: The military and economic impact.

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