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an overview of Vine

Kassi Ogles

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Vine

Target Market
Vine is most popular among the millennial crowd. The highest percentage of users fall between ages 18-20 followed by users aged 20-25.
Sponsored Vines
Companies and Brands pay people to make sponsored vines for them. This one is sponsored by Warner Bros.

Dom Hofman
Vine Vs. Instagram
Brief History of Vine
Vine is a video sharing social media platform where the videos are no more than 6 seconds and play on a continuous loop.
Vine was created in 2012 and sold to Twitter before it even launched in January 2013 which was a huge gamble on Twitter's part but they did that in an attempt to compete with Facebook who acquired Instagram.
When Vine was first released it was only available on the iOS
Interesting Fact
None of the original founders work for Vine anymore.
The last remaining founder of the video sharing app was laid off by Twitter in 2015 after two of the three stepped down in 2014
Rus Yusupov
Colin Kroll
Brands That Use Vine
Lowes- 10.1 Million Loops
Ritz Crackers- 11.1 Million Loops
Samsung Mobile-20.5 Million Loops
Just to name a few...
Vine is a video sharing social media channel in which users can record 6 second videos and post them in a news feed for anyone to view.
Brands can create their own Vines or pay Vine users with a following to create content for them.
Vine has over 200 Million users and is growing at an extremely fast rate.
71% of Vine users are millennials between the ages of 18-34.
Branded Vines receive 400% more shares than branded videos.
Videos will make up 55% of internet traffic by the end of 2016.
Kassi Ogles
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