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Presidential Election Government Project

No description

Alex Cervelli

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Presidential Election Government Project

Basic Info
Name: James Edwards
Race: Hispanic (Mexican)
Occupation: United States Senator from Texas/Large business owner.
Age: 40

New Hampshire
Life Story
Platform #1
For Sure/ Pretty Sure States
"Snowball's chance in hell" states
TV Commercial
TV Commercial #2
His parents were illegal immigrants. His father died in the process of crossing the border to escape gang related violence. James Edwards was born 3 months after his mother successfully crossed the border illegally. When he was 6, his mother died of malnutrition, leaving Edwards to an orphanage in which he is adopted by proud, business owning Texans. He married in college and started his own business at 22 (fresh out of Rice University) and did extremely well for himself. Edwards ran for Senate and became Texas' first hispanic senator at the tender age of 30 and was reelected in 2010. In consideration of the American people, James decided to run for president.

Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Alaska, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Utah, and Kentucky

Hawaii, Washington D.C., Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Washington, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island, Michigan


These are historically Republican voting states with no real likelihood to vote the other direction. They are eager to vote out the democratic executive to unify Congress and executive as Republican. They are fundamentally distrustful of more central authority and hope that Edwards will reverse it. Most voters of these states are mainly moderate right center, so Edwards will be the best candidate.
Historically Democratic voting states with no real likelihood of flipping. Urban areas are more use to voting democratic than in the country. The majority of these states believe in more social programs and welfare to aid the poor. They see no downside in tight regulations and taxes. They rely too heavily on the government and believe the government solves problems rather than the citizens.
We win by stressing:
Immigration reform (ad #2)
Cutting taxes/improving economy (conservative economic stance) (both ads)
Getting more people back to work (California ranked 48th in unemployment with a 7.2% unemployment rate.) (campaigning strategy)
Our liberal stance on social issues (campaign strategy)
We win by stressing:
Public Education (worst in nation) (mention when campaigning)
Medicare improvements (22% of Nevada residents left without health insurance (as of 2009.)(mentioned in stump speech)
Immigration reform: expedite the process to becoming a citizen to those who deserve it, tighten up the border to make it harder for illegal immigrants to enter. (referred to in ad #2)
Runs on: social tolerance ( pro choice) and increasing individual rights and liberties
Platform # 2
Limiting the size and scope of government in our economy, but doing the essential to make the lives of our citizens easier.
Lower taxes
-Proportional tax cuts to all Americans by wealth.
Privatize health care, social programs, and social security in exchange for quality health care at cheap prices using the invisible hand and market competition
Decrease government regulations in the free market
Runs on: Laissez Faire and economic liberalism
Platform #3
Runs on: limited government
"Cutting the fat out of government."
National debt creeping up, projected to continue to rise.
Need to cut programs that serve no real purpose. (ex. The Conservation Reserve program pays farmers $2 billion annually not to farm their land/The Advanced Technology Program spends $150 million annually subsidizing private businesses; 40 percent of this funding goes to Fortune 500 companies.)
Why raise taxes to allow for more irresponsible government spending?
Improving efficiency will help us build a better future for America
Decrease foreign policy to focus more at home
We win by:
stressing pro gun policies (major backlash last year to those pushing an anti-gun law last year) (address when campaigning)
Showing that safe drilling (hydraulic fracturing) is safe and an effective job creating measure. (address when campaigning)
We win by:
Stressing health care (high obesity rate/high rate of binge drinking) (mentioned in stump speech)
Focusing on cutting taxes (both ads)
Expand further agricultural exports to China (pro-business and creates jobs) (mention when campaigning)
We win by:
Focusing on improving the economy (declining middle class.) Stress that cutting taxes will rejuvenate the economy and create jobs. (ad #1 along with campaigning)
Healthcare is key in Ohio, as it is in the bottom half of many health related statistics such as the percentage of people with diabetes and the number of people smoking. (stump speech)

We win by:
Focusing on social issues because of low unemployment rate (5.3%.) (stump speech)
Stressing a pro gun stance (cannot lose socially conservative, pro-gun south Virginia) (stump speech and campaigning)
We win by:
Stressing the low number of people insured combined with a high elderly population (17.6%) which makes having an improved medicare system essential. (Stump speech with extra emphasis while campaigning)

Stump Speech
Hello my fellow Americans, My name is James Edwards and I am your candidate for the upcoming presidential election. We must acknowledge that our country is divided between parties of different points of view, and I am here to say that progress is in working together. I am a Republican, so I am conservative in my ideology that the role of government should be small and unobtrusive, giving more power to the individual. I am flexible in that I will work with both parties for solutions, yet I am staunch with my ideology.
The individual should be unfettered with what the government thinks is right or wrong. The government reflects the collective will of society which may think that something as harmless as gay marriage is “bad.” Individuals should be able to do what they want and not be caged by forced superstition and morality unless the action violates the rights of others. Therefore, the LGBT community and those open to civil liberties will have my 100% support.

Stump Speech Continued
Our current immigration system is also a big problem and we must remember that our roots are also in immigrants of many different origins. Quite simply, I believe those who show promise, hardwork, and desire to assimilate will be given visas. Visitor’s and student’s visas will also be easier to get and illegal immigrants will be deported.
Also, we must let the marketplace takes its own course with Laissez Faire sans government regulations. The government will be trimmed so that your tax dollars do not go to burdensome bureaucracies. Military spending will be cut, and health care/ social security will be adjusted for cheaper, quality care that does not need to be paid by taxes. After all, we have always taken pride in our capitalism that goes hand in hand with individualism and private business.
With that said, I must conclude that the Republican Party, America, and the people will be headed off to a NEW DIRECTION.
"A New Direction"
We win by:
Clearly being liberal on social issues (very socially liberal state) (stump speech)
letting the high income level (6th in nation at $62,647) push us to campaign towards lower taxes for businesses to allow them to keep their money. (ad #1)
Edwards believes strongly in socially liberal principles that support individualism and basic civil liberties.
-Pro Women's rights (abortion, access to contraception, etc.)
-Pro gay marriage
-Pro Immigration to allow more citizens in through the legal process and cutting down on those who enter illegally. Undocumented residents currently residing in the United States will get a temporary visa under the condition that they pay taxes, apply for citizenship, and are without a criminal record. Those who desire to enter must fulfill a merit based criteria in order to get citizenship and visas.
-Pro gun with regulations (must register every year and have a certain number of hours registered.) However once they complete the requirements they are allowed to carry.
Kelly Warrick (D-NY)
Democratic Senator From New York.
Considered far left, and wants to redistribute wealth more evenly.
Won Democratic Nomination over Hillary Clinton.
She promotes more programs to "assist the population" when it will most likely raise the debt.
said she would like to "augment the role of government in the lives of citizens."
big supporter of affirmative action.
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