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SP Ways of Working by Marcos Sêmola

No description

Marcos Semola

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of SP Ways of Working by Marcos Sêmola

Street Photography | Ways of Working
por Marcos Sêmola

a bit about who I am
Marcos Sêmola, 41, married, 2 childs, Brasilian, engineer, MBA professor, writer, triathlete and street photographer full of ideas to deploy.

area of interest: street photography
photograph aesthetic: classic B&W/noir
commercial focus: art galleries
thank you
insterested to know more about my production, gallery, authorial and volunteer projects, visit:
what it is all about
Street photography
is a type of pure photography, direct, documentary that presents topics in spontaneous situations in public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other.

Type of photography that attempts to depict a scene realistically and objectively as permitted through, renouncing the use of manipulation.
what is my aesthetics
what are my main vectors
what is my ways of working
assess environment
equipment selection
equipment intimacy
equipment setup
rapid strap
discrete clothes
comfortable shoes
lightroom low posprod
lighting sunny/16
quick reaction
composition mindset
click from my chest
no eye contact
right body language
being one of them
main projects and achievements (2007-2013)
Award: B&W Spider 2013
Book: 100 Streets (Street Photography)
Exhibition: Brazil, Netherlands, Iraq
Gallery Sales: Brazil, USA, London
Marcos Semola is Italo-Brazilian born in 1972 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. IT Executive, MBA professor and photographer, member of ABAF - Brazilian Association of Photographic Art, Getty Images and the London Independent Photography, Marcos has been producing authorial images found in private collections and art galleries around the world, especially London, Paris and Rio/Brazil, and includes national and international exhibitions where his best known work in street-noir style, "Direct Transitive" and "Mind your Step" won recognition and expression.

It is self-taught and enthusiast of art-photography whether film or digital, reason why he has also devise collective projects, share and exchange as much information with other practitioners.
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