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How does news consumption affect your mood?

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Lindsey Wagner

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of How does news consumption affect your mood?


The current ratio of
how is the current state of news affecting you?
It's depressing!
Studies show the brain responds stronger to negative news and that it makes us sad.

So why are we drawn to it?
Theory 1:
Caveman Brain
Our Brains are still in caveman mode and view negative information as more important for survival.
Theory 2:
Scale of Coverage

When covering national and world news, the unusual and perhaps negative occurrences increase and dominate limited coverage.
Local news
Global news
There is a growing sentiment of avoiding news due to the ratio of negative to positive.

The ratio is designed because our brains react strongly to negative information and there is just more of it covered at the national and global level.
Understanding how the flavor of your news affects your appetite.
The Challenge
How might we help the people understand and control how their news consumption affects their overall being.
The Goal
The Solution

A web-based news aggregator that let's you rate your mood while consuming news to keep track of your overall state of being.
Thank You!
James Zhang

engineering @wistia // code, design & music.
Nick Dynan

Front-End Dev / Designer @GlobalPost. Parent's tech support.
Luis Brandao

Engineer @zeega @poptheapp
Lindsey Wagner

Artist and UX Designer
Demo Time!
Ideas for Future Updates
Expose the group aggregrate vote per news item to see how you stack up to all readers
Provide a filter based on sentiment to allow a user to adjust their feed if they want to consume more or less flavors of news
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