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What is a Digital World?

No description

Mary Foster

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of What is a Digital World?

Living in the digital age means a person who has information or technologies readily available where ever and when ever.

This simply means that one person can log online at any given time and have as much information as they like available to them, as well as access to visually visit a place or a person.
What does 'digital age' mean?
Traditionally when wanting to communicate with a family member or a friend you would have to either write a hand written letter and wait for a few days for the letter to be sent, or you would go home and make a call from a fixed land line service.

How does this affect my everyday life?
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How has technology changed the way we learn?
What is a Digital World?
Teaching & Learning in a Digital Age
Has technology changed the role of the Teacher?
What will change in the classroom?
As educational technology changes, so will the classroom. You may find that rather than having physical resources such as text books, posters and maps, most resources will become digital. Resources will be readily available online when ever and where ever needed.

With modern technology there is no need for either person to be home as a text message can be sent directly to that person, or a phone call can be made from either a car, workplace, shops etc. This has also changed the way we shop, as all transactions can be completed online from a computer or phone.
In a traditional classroom students and teachers would write out by hand many notes for further reflection on a topic or for an assignment.

With the advancements on technology students can now simply log on to a 'moodle' and access all of this information as needed. Not only does this save a lot of time but it also saves many resources such as paper, writing materials as well as student's time.
"Moodle is an open source course management system,..." "Moodle allows educators to create online courses, which students can access as a virtual classroom." (Techtermscom, 2017)
The difference between the two? Quite simply access to many more resources such as visual aids, moodle creations, and interactive whiteboards.
With technology changing constantly many are worried that this will affect the traditional role of the classroom teacher. Upon reflection of what we have already discussed, the role of the teacher in a modern day classroom appears to still be somewhat similar to the traditional teacher.

It seems the role has only advanced, rather than changed.
This will grant access to students all around the World to the exact same information, giving everyone equal resources and an equal learning opportunity.
Figure 1. Technology Globe.
Figure 2. Apple Watch.
Figure 3. MacBook
Figure 4. Typing MacBook
Figure 5. World Map
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