Prezi builds virtual presentation tools that are the most engaging and effective way to share visual content online.

Since 2009, we’ve been on a mission to create exciting and immersive experiences that help people connect more meaningfully with their audiences. This pursuit has made Prezi a global leader in presentations, inspiring and empowering hundreds of millions of people to communicate better.

Prezi is used in the world’s biggest companies and in its tiniest startups. In Ivy League universities as well as remote rural high schools. On grand global stages and in hastily organized team meetings. By huge international stars and by everyday heroes such as teachers and small business owners.

In time with the world’s shift to online meetings, we refocused our mission to bring that same engaging experience to digital workspace with Prezi Video. Now anyone can create and share highly personalized, professional-looking video presentations that bring their graphics on screen with them as they present to remote audiences anywhere. Integrations with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex are making Prezi an indispensable part of the modern virtual workplace.

“As we all know, 2020 was the year when work moved from conference rooms and classrooms to video calls. And while video conferencing is great for connecting, it leaves a big gap when it comes to sharing meaning. We built Prezi Video to solve that problem by keeping the human connection in remote meetings and online presentations.”

Jim Szafranski CEO


Prezi is founded in Budapest, Hungary


Prezi Video is launched, changing the face of virtual presentations

100 Million

100 million users worldwide, and growing fast

360 Million

Prezi users have created over 360 million presentations—and counting


Prezi is spoken everywhere, translated into nine global languages


Prezi is used in every country in the world, all 195 of them

Our users lead the way to the future

Meet just a few of the millions of people and organizations that use Prezi as an indispensable part of their new virtual workplace.

Our history paves the way for big things ahead

Founded in Budapest in 2009, we’re now a global, virtual-first company, with employees in Hungary, the USA, Latvia, Germany, Mexico, and other locations around the world. As we’ve grown rapidly, so has our community of subscribers, with over 100 million now using Prezi products for more personal and effective communication, collaboration, and connection between colleagues, clients, educators, and their students.

We launched our dynamic zooming presentation software in 2009; added a powerful suite of interactive design tools in 2017; and introduced Prezi Video in 2019—the only video maker that lets you show your graphics on screen with you while you present in real time.

We’re now perfectly positioned to lead the way into the future of visual communications in the world’s new virtual workplace.

Péter Halácsy


Peter Arvai

Executive Chairman & Cofounder

Adam Somlai-Fischer

Principal Artist & Cofounder

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