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Scenes in the Life of a Scrum Team

We discuss 4 scenes in the life of a Scrum team. In each case we examine a common problem, what led to it and how better collaboration between PO and team can help to avoid it. Presented by Jens Korte and Simon Roberts at XP Days Germany 2010.
by Simon Roberts on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Scenes in the Life of a Scrum Team

Scenes in the Life of a Scrum Team At the Release Planning Meeting C++ At the Requirements Workshop during the Sprint #4 Simple / Complex #5 Data Variations English German French Japanese Chinese All Major
Languages The First Sprint Day Show the problem - at the sprint review the product owner doesn't get what he wants
Connections - how can we avoid this? Shout out.
Concept - 3Cs - and the most important of these is Conversation
Concrete practice - 2 minutes - shout out 5 topics that should take place during the conversation
Conclusions - show diagram 3 Cs

Confirmation User Stories - "A Promise for a Conversation" How can we avoid this?

Please stand up and shout
out your answers! Topics that should be
part of this conversation

Ball toss At the Team Chartering Workshop Show and briefly explain the problem - nothing done at the sprint review
Connections - what could be causing this? Shout out or pop up
Concept - explain team chartering - including definition of done
Concrete practice - in three teams - ball toss - definition of done for task, story, increment
Conclusions - teams make comments - show diagram, explain anti-pattern How can we avoid this?

Please shout out your answers! Team Charter
Basic Agreements
Technology and Engineering Rules
Team Norms
Definition of Ready
Definition of Done "Just as a person needs time and space to incubate thoughts before a new idea can emerge, a system needs a bounded space for the emergence of new patterns."

Facilitating Organization Change: Lessons from Complexity Science (Edwin E. Olson and Glenda H. Eoyang) Definition of Done

Three teams - 1, 2, 3
Task, Story, Increment

2 minutes to brainstorm
within your team - one item per

Stick on common flip-chart Scenes in the Life of a Scrum Team #7 Defer Performance 25 sec 2 sec #8 Operations Manage Account Signup Edit Cancel #9 Spike Investigate Implement 80 / 20 Equal size direct 1 stop n stops #1 Workflow Steps #2 Business Rules Variation Search for flights with flexible dates ... n days
between date x
and date y ... a weekend
in December ... +- n days
of x and y publish
to website publish
to website
with review publish
to staging publish
from staging
to website #3 Major Effort Rules #6 Data Entry Methods Simon Roberts
twitter: @srob Jens Korte
twitter: @JensKorte
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