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Everything good about humanity starts with people sharing ideas. Whether you are a researcher working on a cure for cancer or a teacher explaining how the civil rights movement changed the world, your ideas come to life when people can connect with them on a visual level. Today millions of people all over the world use Prezi, and every week we enhance their experiences by deploying new features.

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Who we are

Prezi began as an idea: give people the ability to zoom in and out during a presentation to make storytelling more engaging and memorable.

Thought leaders of all ages use Prezi in every field imaginable: education, government, non-profits, technology, design, and businesses large and small. Each day we help people share their ideas and inspire others.

How we work

We’re building software that transforms the way people think and communicate.

We’re also building a team that thinks creatively and embraces innovation. Even as Prezi grows at an impressive rate, we maintain the start-up spirit in which we were founded.

Prezi employees working in a small team

We work in small, cross-functional teams.

Prezi employee working

We trust you to code and deploy from day one.

World map with San Francisco and Budapest

Prezi offices
Home countries of Prezi employees (25 and counting)

What we offer

Sure, Prezi has all the benefits and perks you’ll get at a start-up: a fully stocked fridge, competitive benefits, ping-pong tournaments, flexible vacation, and equity.

But we also care about the people who work here. We provide the best environment for you to work, and we encourage you to be yourself. This enables you to bring your passion to what you do and to produce your best work possible.
We love where we go to work each day, and we’re pretty sure you will too. Prezi team members have the chance to live and work in Budapest or San Francisco and to travel between our offices, for a truly global work experience.

How we make a difference

We are committed to giving back and engaging with the communities around us, and Prezi employees take part in regular service projects. When you become a part of the Prezi family, you join a much larger community that together is making the world a better place.

Why Budapest? Check out this video to see why we love to live and work here

Director: Ruszthi Zsolt
Producer: Ugrin Julianna
Camera: Vizkelety Marton
Guy in the video: Mike Globits