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Strategic Time Management (for College Students)

Maximize your effort and energy to succeed academically in college.
by Keith Allen on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Time Management (for College Students)

TIME 4 Steps of micro
time-management: 1. List Goals
2. Organize & Prioritize
3. Formulate Plan
3. Schedule & Execute the Most Critical step is
adapting semester perspective to a 2-week plan For the next 2 weeks List your goals for each class To Do: Calculus hwk Apply for Scholarships Prepare for Food Sale History Readings Ch11-14 Chemistry Lab Report History Online hwk Biology Quiz Organize 1. Set the deadlines for the items
on your list 2. Estimate how much time you
need to finish each task deadlines how much time you need research paper Priority A
Read/take notes on articles/book sections
Prepare outline
Develop Q's for discussion
Formulate potential answers
Summarize take-aways
Finalize Presentation Priority B or Category II: Important but not Urgent
Schedule first meeting
identify roles & goals
due diligence / complete individual tasks
final meeting & prep for presentations perform program review Thurs Tues Final due:
05/10 Wed HED 650: HED 610: HED 640: Asstntshp: 1 hrs 1 hrs 10 hrs Prioritize Fri Maintain an accurate semester perspective Time-
bound SMART Relevant Measurable
Attainable Goal-Setting Tips ACTIVITY Think
Box Presentations TIME MANAGEMENT Keith Allen Sources
Identify best sources
Set outline
Peer Review
Final edit Lead Class Discussion develop methodology
contact / schedule participants
collect data / transcribe / pull themes
outline write-up
meet with client
finalize findings, write-up, and presentation of data Group Project 1 hrs 3 hrs 1 hrs 2 hrs Thurs 2/29 Final due: 03/24 Divide big jobs into smaller, workable steps.
Start big projects within the first week of being assigned
Set daily and weekly goals and reward yourself (appropriately) when you complete them.
Consider Your Study Environment
Learn to self-regulate
Effort & Energy
Learning Fill in all the things you HAVE to do each week first.
Use small amounts of free / in-between time to study and review material.
Look at school like a full time jobi.e. 40hrs/week
Make sure your schedule is realistic and allows some room for flexibility. Management Strategic Specific Discover
Act Use to-do lists
for today Plan your effort in 2-Week Increments Priority Schedule: A, B, C
A: Vital--Must get done (now/immediately)
B: Important--Needs to get done, but may be put off
C: Optional--Can be put off indefinitely Urgent vs. Important
Priority Schedule Strategic Keith Allen
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