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adjectives and adverbs

Ing300 unit 1
by Sandra Ayala on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of adjectives and adverbs

Things or Actions Describing The dog runs fast. Manner Adverbs She is beautiful. Adjectives easy Qualifiers VERBS ACTIONS -ly
adverb She drives the car recklessly. ACTION=VERB ADJECTIVE adjective I feel safe with her. adjectives describe
things, people,
feelings,etc. be, feel, get, etc. verbs you use with
adjectives NO recklessLY She gets reckless* having or showing no regard for danger or consequences adjective The exam is easy. I did the exam easily easily patient patiently automatic automatically careful carefully good well hard late fast hard competitive talented creative disorganized easygoing laid-back helpful honest generous selfish reliable Adverbs before adjectives to make adjectives and adverbs STRONGER completely totally makes negative stronger. He's happy . fast manner adverbs describe incredibly extremely very really so pretty fairly absolutely really with adjectives that are already very strong Popeye is strong. Wonderful. fantastic. ridiculous. Bluto is furious. not at all. at all My friend is really talented. Your explanation was very helpful. Prefixes im in un dis inconsiderate impatient dishonest * disorganized unfriendly * unbelievable My boss is pretty considerate. He's fairly easygoing. My students are incredibly talented. I'm so nervous. He drives extremely fast.
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