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TTU SOAR Presentation - College of Education

No description
by Charles Craig on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of TTU SOAR Presentation - College of Education

Welcome to SOAR!
Summer 2014
Welcome to
Tennessee Tech University
and the
College of Education
Advising Center!
You are not
in high school
Whom do we advise?
College of Education Majors
CFS: Child and Family Studies
Early Childhood / Special Ed
MDS: Multidisciplinary Studies
Elementary Ed. (K-6)
Middle School (4-8)
English as a Second Language (ESL K-12)
SEED: Secondary Education
Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish)
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences,
Social Studies (Economics, Geography, History,
Political Science)
Speech and Theatre
SPED: Special Education
Modified (K-12) - Inclusion
Comprehensive (K-12) - CDC classrooms
EXPW: Exercise Science, Phys. Ed. & Wellness
Licensure (K-12)
Coaching & Sports
Fitness & Wellness
Recreation & Leisure Management
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physical Therapy
If Only Someone Had Told Me!
is responsible?
You are!
Keeping your SOAR Book
Keeping a planner / schedule
Going to class, and on time
Keeping track of assignments and turning them in on time
Keeping track of your grades - Academic Standards / Retention Table found in TTU Undergraduate Catalog
Setting appointments with your advisor
Seeking out and asking for help when needed
All students have their own TTU email and they must check it regularly, because this is a primary way that professors and advisors communicate with students
Checking with the TTU Financial Aid Office about the status of any scholarships, grants, or loans you may have, and that you are meeting the "Satisfactory Academic Progress" criteria
Options for Student Involvement
Student Government
Greek Life
Church Related Clubs
Interest Related Clubs
Intramural Sports
STEA (Student Tennessee Education Association)
Kappa Delta Pi
Pi Lambda Theta
Phi Delta Kappa
* - Honorary
Getting From Here...
to There...
Teacher Licensure
Junior Year:
Teacher Education Program - From here, it will take two years to graduate. There is no way to "jump ahead" and graduate early at this point.
SEED majors will take intensive courses in their content area (English, science, math, social studies, etc.....)
Freshman and Sophomore Years:
General Education Courses
FOED 2011 and 1822 (Minimum
grade of "B" is required)
Senior Year:
Residency I - Fall Only, Pre-requisite of Residency II (Minimum grade of "B" is required)
Residency II - Spring Only (Minimum grade of "B" is required)
Exercise Science, Physical Education, & Wellness Program Requirements:
All programs require 120 credit hours to graduate
EXPW majors must pass a Fitness Test every academic year to remain in the program
All concentrations include a supervised major-specific field experience during their senior year
EXPW Club offers leadership, research & service opportunities as well as professional development
EXPW K-12 Licensure
Licensed for K-12 Physical Education & Health Education
Follow Teacher Education Requirements
Sample Coursework: EXPW Instructional Strategies
Job Opportunities include:
K-12 Physical Education Instructor
State or County Health Educator
Middle or High School Athletic Staff
EXPW Fitness & Wellness
Focuses on teaching about issues that affect an individual’s fitness level, health and wellness
Includes 18 hours of electives

Sample Coursework: Health Promotions
Job Opportunities include:
Personal Fitness Trainer
Corporate Wellness Professional
Public Safety/Military
Strength Coach
EXPW Coaching & Sport Administration
Combines student athlete management as well as business skills relevant to athletics
NOT for coaching middle or high school

Sample Coursework: Sport Governance
Job Opportunities include:
Ticket Office/Equipment Manager
Sports Information or Marketing
Academic Support/Compliance
EXPW Pre Professional Programs
Physical Therapy
involves assisting patients in rehabilitation from injury or illness
Occupational Therapy
facilitates patients learning skills to improve their quality of life because of physical or mental illness as well as injury

Graduate School Requirements
Biology, Chemistry and Physics
8 hours of Anatomy & Physiology
Statistics and Psychology courses
You Can Find Us...
College of Education Advising Center
T.J. Farr Building, room 202
Telephone: 931-372-6036 or 1-800-241-3896
Facsimile: 931-372-6035
P.O. Box 5162
Sending My Son or Daughter off to College
A Question for Parents: Am I Helping.....
Or am I Hovering?
TTU is safe, friendly, affordable
TTU provides many non-academic resources to enrich students’ experiences
Practical classroom management and research skills put them ahead of the competition
TTU grads are highly sought by school districts and in the work force
Technological expertise of our graduates
It’s a great educational opportunity…alumnae satisfaction rate consistently greater than 90%
How Will Life Be Different…
High School:
Extra Credit
Classes meet daily
Homework collected
Review sheet for tests
Teachers available
Close monitoring and supervision
Students viewed as children
Teachers called Mr., Mrs., Ms.
Seldom Given
2 or 3 days per week
Assigned, maybe not
Study from notes, etc.
Professors and advisors have office hours
More freedom
Students viewed as adults
Called Dr. or Professor
Roadblocks to Student Success
First Six Weeks
Managing Student Responsibilities (Study Time vs Social Time) -
College is a full-time job = 2 hours outside of class for every 1 hour in class
October (Crisis Month)
Off-campus Job
Lack of Motivation to be in College
Confidentiality Policy
Tennessee Technological University is prohibited from disclosing any information about a student’s academic performance without his or her permission
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
How does my son or daughter retain the HOPE Lottery Scholarship?
Adjust schedule within first week of classes
Meet each class instructor and get tutorial help at first warning signs of struggling in a course
Never drop a course without first checking with the TTU Financial Aid Office
Remain a full-time student (
minimum of 12 hours per semester
After 24 and 48 attempted semester hours

(attempted after high school graduation), maintain a minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA
After 72 attempted semester hours and beyond, either maintain a minimum
cumulative 3.0 GPA
, or have a cumulative GPA between 2.75 and 2.99 with a minimum semester GPA of 3.0 in the prior semester (on a semester-to-semester basis)
Must be continuously enrolled at an eligible post-secondary institution fall and spring semesters and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
If a student loses the HOPE Scholarship, he/she may regain it under certain circumstances
Because Lottery rules change regularly, be informed via the TSAC website:
How long may my son or daughter keep the HOPE Lottery Scholarship?
TTU Scholarship Information A Reminder
TTU Scholarships – December 15 deadline to apply for all returning students for fall
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed each year for renewal of scholarships – June 30 deadline
The following website is where you will apply on line (ScholarWeb)
TTU Website – A Brief Tour
Parents Homepage
Live Webcams
University Calendar
Eagle Online
Undergraduate Catalog
Academic Standards
Programs of Study
College of Education Advising Center webpage
Important Things to Remember
Make sure you complete all health requirements, including information about Varicella (Chickenpox), MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Hepatitis, and Meningitis. If you have any questions, contact the TTU Health Services Office at (931) 372-3320
If you are a male and 18-25 years old, make sure you have registered for the draft (selective service) which can be done online at:
Make sure you have fulfilled the TTU housing requirements. If you have any questions, contact the TTU Residential Life Office at (931) 372-3414
Make sure you have sent your final high school transcript and any earned college credit to TTU
"Developmental" courses are only offered at the community colleges in Tennessee. If you have been placed into developmental courses / learning support, you may take the COMPASS Placement Exam to attempt to place into college-level courses. This exam is offered on the first day of each SOAR session. If you missed the COMPASS Exam, it is also offered at the Cookeville campus of Nashville State Community College
A student may receive the HOPE Lottery Scholarship until the FIRST of the following terminating events occurs:
Five (5) years have passed from the date of the student's initial enrollment at any postsecondary institution
The student has attempted 120 semester hours of college credit (each program of study is requires exactly 120 hours for students to graduate)
The student has earned a baccalaureate degree
If you have already taken the COMPASS exam and still have developmental requirements
you do not want to take the COMPASS exam, there is a way for you to remain at TTU and get the assistance you need. If your requirement is for:

Developmental Writing
(ACT Writing subscore is 17 or lower):
Register for both ENGL 1010 and READ 1100 (Learning Support Lab for Writing and Reading)
Developmental Reading:
ACT Reading subscore is 17 or 18: Register for READ 1010 (College Reading Improvement)
ACT Reading subscore is 16 or lower: Register for both READ 1010 and READ 1100
Developmental Math
(ACT Math subscore is 18 or lower):
If your major requires any algebra-based course such as MATH 1130, 1710, or 1910, then register for MATH 1000 (Transitional Algebra).
If your major requires or accepts either MATH 1010 or MATH 1530, but does not require an algebra-based course, then register for a learning support section (L01, L02...).
If your major requires MATH 1410, but not an algebra-based course, then register for any section of MATH 1410.

You can call
(931) 372-3476
, email,
or go to
Matthews Hall, room 153
for more information.

Focuses on outdoor recreation and management skills for various types of recreational facilities
Includes 8 hours of guided electives in activities such as orienteering, caving & mountain biking

Sample Coursework: Fundamentals of Outdoor Leadership

Job Opportunities Available at:
City or County Recreational Facilities
State Parks
Youth Outdoor Camps
Corporate Retreats/Team Building Programs
EXPW Recreation & Leisure Management
Visit us on Facebook and Twitter!
Art and Music
Fine Arts: Art Education (K-12) Licensure
Music: Instrumental / General Music (K-12) Licensure
Music: Vocal / General Music (K-12) Licensure
Music: Performance
Composition Emphasis
Instrumental Option
Jazz Option
Music Business Option
Piano Option
Vocal Option
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