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Rethinking Education

No description
by Jerry Michalski on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Rethinking Education

s S Rebuilding Education for Rebuild21
in Copenhagen
31 May, 2012
by Jerry Michalski
cc: by-nc-sa Inside Outside School Home School Unschool Learning Teacher
teacher T t School
school John Holt Dysfunctions Innovations Symptoms The Hidden Curriculum History "Cells and Bells" John Taylor Gatto Stay in the Class Where You Belong
Only I Determine What Curriculum You Will Study
Surrender Your Will to a Predestined Chain of Command
Your Self-Respect Should Depend on an Observer's Measure of Your Worth
Turn Off When I Tell You To
You Are Being Watched We're teaching:
Dependency Charter Schools Finland's focus on teachers The "Flipped Classroom" Project-Based Learning (PBL) Open Educational Resources (OER) We create artificial scarcity over and over Low morale
No money
Falling scores
Poor citizens
Apathy We applied the military and industrial models to education Scale Quality Growing Up Schools Two apologies:
US perspective
Blunt The Real World Free-Range Kids EduPunks Informal
Learning Fear of:
Chaos Thiel Fellowships Open Content Garage Biology Makers Astronomy Every PC is a... and much more Persistence DIY Agency Healing their curiosity Permission The Big Picture Tech is not the answer Consumerization

Meaning We're almost all connected now Opportunities Portfolios
Thinking partners
Peer review
Tutoring, coaching, mentoring TechShop Compulsory Education System Six-Lesson Schoolteacher
The Underground History of American Education
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