Trademark and Brand Usage Policy

Welcome to the Prezi, Inc., Trademark and Brand Usage Policy. This document sets forth the conditions under which you may use our Prezi word marks, logos, and design marks (collectively, the “Prezi Marks”). This policy applies to all uses of Prezi’s trademarks, and supplements and is in addition to the terms of any other permission we may have granted you regarding use of our trademarks.

If you wish to use any of the Prezi Marks in a manner that is not expressly permitted by this policy, or otherwise permitted by a legal exception such as fair use, please contact us at We will be happy to consider your request. No matter how your use is authorized, any goodwill generated by use of the Prezi Marks shall inure solely to the benefit of Prezi.


This policy is our attempt to balance competing interests. On the one hand, we need to ensure that the Prezi Marks are and remain reliable indicators of the quality that you have come to expect from our official offerings. We highly value the trust that our users have placed in our products and services, and we protect our trademark rights to help ensure those expectations can be met, both today and in the future. On the other hand, we want to ensure that our partners, those who create third party services that interact with or supplement our official PREZI® offerings, and the public at large have the freedom to use the Prezi Marks in ways that are reasonable and unlikely to create confusion, and have guidance on those uses that we consider acceptable.

Any use you make of the Prezi Marks must not confuse consumers, and the Prezi Marks must not be used in any manner that is false or misleading. So, for example, you may not use the Prezi Marks in a manner that falsely implies an endorsement or sponsorship by, or an affiliation with, Prezi if no such relationship exists. Unless otherwise permitted by law, you may not use the Prezi Marks in a manner that may diminish, harm, or otherwise damage the reputation of Prezi or the goodwill associated with the Prezi Marks.


The term “trademark” includes any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination of those, that is used by a person or entity to identify and distinguish their goods and services from those offered by others, and to indicate the source or origin of those goods and services. A “service mark” is a type of trademark that applies to services, rather than to goods, and use of the term “trademark” herein encompasses service marks as well.

The Prezi Marks include any and all trademarks owned or used by Prezi. Registration of a trademark is not necessary for ownership. Not all of Prezi’s trademarks are necessarily registered, and this policy applies both to registered and unregistered Prezi trademarks. Those marks that are registered in the U.S. include:

  1. our registered PREZI® word mark, U.S. Reg. No. 3,930,941;
  2. our registered NUTSHELL® word mark, U.S. Reg. No. 4,864,348; and
  3. our registered Prezi design mark, U.S. Reg. No. 4,161,258, pictured below

The registered Prezi design markthe registered Prezi design mark

Prezi also owns trademarks in a variety of international jurisdiction. If you have a question about Prezi’s trademark rights, please feel free to contact us at


The following general requirements apply to all uses of the Prezi Marks:

Use the Full and Exact Trademark. Prezi’s trademarks should always be used in their full, exact, most up-to-date form. They should neither be abbreviated nor combined with other words.

Use it as a Trademark. Trademarks, including the Prezi Marks, are adjectives, and when used should always be followed by the generic term they modify, such as “software,” “presentation,” “service,” or “product.” Never use a trademark as a noun, verb, or other part of speech.

  • Acceptable: I created a great presentation using the Prezi software!
  • Unacceptable: I installed Prezi on my computer.

Highlight Use of the Trademark. The first or most prominent mention of a Prezi Mark should be accompanied by a “tm” symbol (“™”), to indicate that it is a trademark; you may also use the “r in a circle” symbol (“®”), if the trademark in question is a registered trademark. If you aren’t sure, using the “tm” symbol (“™”) is fine. The first or most prominent mention of a Prezi Mark should also be set apart from surrounding text, either by capitalizing, italicizing, bolding, or underlining it.

Credit the Trademark. The following notice text should appear somewhere near your first or most prominent mention of a Prezi Mark:

[mark] is a trademark of Prezi, Inc. All rights reserved.

Additional Requirements and Permissions

The following additional conditions apply to common situations in which you might want to use a Prezi Mark.

Logo and Design Mark Use

Prezi logos, design marks, and stylized text trademarks may not be used without our prior written permission. If we’ve given you permission to use such a graphic Prezi Mark, you must use it in the form it’s made available at You may not alter the color, font, proportions, or any other aspect of our graphic marks. You must also set a logo or design mark off from the other content appearing in your use, and must not place it in such close proximity to other content that it is indistinguishable from that other content. You may not make our logo or design mark the most prominent design element of any page or other thing it appears on; your own brand must be more prominent (e.g., in a larger typeface and higher on the page).

Trade Names, Trademarks, Domain Names, and Internet Account Names

Unless otherwise permitted by us in writing, you may not use the Prezi Marks in, or as a part of, any trade name, trademark, domain name, or internet account name. For example, the business name or trademark “Prezi Help Desk,” or the Twitter handle “@PreziHelpDesk,” are not permitted, because consumers who see those uses are likely to assume that they are official Prezi services or accounts. By the same token, the domain name “,” or the Facebook group “Prezi Help Desk,” would also be likely to cause confusion.

Services Related to Prezi Software and Services

If you offer goods or services that are related to Prezi’s goods or services – for example, if you offer support or training services for users of the PREZI® presentation software – you may use Prezi’s word marks (but not logos, design marks, or stylized text trademarks unless otherwise authorized in writing) in truthfully describing and advertising your offering, so long as you: (i) remain in compliance with the terms of this Policy and any other permissions we may have granted to you; and (ii) refrain from any use that might cause confusion about whether your offering is an official Prezi offering, whether Prezi has sponsored or endorsed or it, or whether Prezi is affiliated with you or with your organization.

For example, you may truthfully describe your services as, “Training for users of the Prezi presentation software,” or “Unofficial support services for Prezi software and presentation creation.” However, the same offerings would be inconsistent with this Policy if styled as, “Prezi software training,” or “Prezi software and presentation support services,” because those formations are likely to cause confusion as to which entity – Prezi or you –  is providing the services in question. Uses may be less likely to cause confusion if your brand (or a description of your offering) appears before and more prominently than the Prezi Mark in question. Use of the terms “unofficial” or “independent” is also a great way to alert consumers that your offerings are different from our own. When in doubt, you should err on the side of providing more, rather than less, explanation and information, because additional information can help ensure that your offering does not confuse consumers.


Please report any misuse of the Prezi Marks to, and provide us with as much information as you can about the use you think might be infringing. We’ll investigate the use, and if warranted, take appropriate action.


If you’d like to use the Prezi Marks in a manner that is not covered by this policy, or if you have any questions regarding this policy, you can feel free to contact us at