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Product Vision

Transcript: Tribe - Product Vision Defining Concluding Why? Company Vision Overall Vision Tribe's vision is captured in our EOS purpose and niche. Although these give context to Tribe's end goal, they do not give context to the evolution of our current set of products. PURPOSE NICHE To make the digital world a fast and error free place. Fully managed, customer centric, performance testing and monitoring Why We Need a Product Vision Collaboration Clients Prioritisation Prioritisation Prioritisation is critical for both long term road mapping, and day to day scheduling. It helps the Product Owner give context to the 'what' and 'why' of their plans. Collaboration Helping employees understand and agree with decisions made by the Product Owner, or the business, is critical to the evolution of the products. Providing employees context that decisions are aimed at achieving the product vision, gets everyone in the same boat, rowing in the same direction. Client Satisfaction and Feedback Making clients aware of our product vision gives them an understanding of what we're aiming to achieve with each release, and each change to the product. This also means that clients are more likely to give us feedback when they can relate a change to the intent of our product vision. Defining the Product Vision Introduction Introduction Our product vision needs to give context to what we want our products to be. Like the company vision, it may be an unreachable goal, but one that will always be aimed towards. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” - Norman Vincent Peale The product vision itself should be unique to the product, and as such, each product or service should have its own vision defined. A company’s set of product visions should feed up to the company vision. Building Blocks Building Blocks For - Target Customer Who - Has a need or opportunity The - Product Is a - Description of product That - Key benefit / Reason to buy Unlike - Competitive alternative Our Product - Main USP For the business user who needs to be productive in the office and on the go, the Surface is a convertible tablet that is easy to carry and gives you full computing productivity no matter where you are. Unlike laptops, Surface serves your on-the-go needs without having to carry an extra device. Our Product Vision Our Product Vision Monitoring For companies who need to be confident that their online estates are fast and error free 24/7/365, the Tribe Monitoring Portal is a synthetic monitoring tool that enables all levels of company personnel to easily view the health of their online estate, and dig deep to understand and resolve key issues. Unlike other online monitoring solutions, the Tribe Monitoring Portal focuses on delivering: a real users perspective, clear information, and fine grained tailoring to ensure users get exactly what they need. Load For companies who see relatively high volumes of traffic on their digital estates, the Tribe Load Test Portal is an online load performance testing tool that uses a clear and engaged approach to load and performance testing online estates, enabling users to quickly understand any issues which are a result of high load. Unlike other load testing tools, the Tribe Load Portal focuses on reporting a clear, up to date breakdown of all areas of the targeted online estate, enabling users to understand key bottlenecks, along with delivering actionable insights. Concluding - Reviewing the Product Vision - Communicating - Recap

Product Vision

Transcript: CRM team Customer Insights Analysts Known Customers What's the ultimate goal? Our customers do not have seamless experiences between devices As a company, we need to focus more on the value we are adding to our customers lives As a company, we are not leveraging relevant technology to engage with our customers on a personal level As a company, we are missing many opportunities to drive conversion and elevate brand reputation Business Opportunity The Engagers, The Engagees Launch a single trigger as MVP based on customer behaviour only. What does that really mean? Limitations & Constraints This is not a complete journey map for all email communication with our customers This does not include other methods of communications, such as SMS, even if that is our customer's preferred communication method lack of data maturity to build upon we have limited number of team members who are able to create and maintain campaigns Our development team is off-site For the CRM team to have an easy way to create and maintain email campaigns For the Analytics team to have easy access to the current and historical campaign data for monitoring and reporting purposes For the Customer to have a seamless experience, regardless of the device she uses For the Customer to have timely, relevant information sent to their inbox Stats The 'Who' For the customer who wants her favorite brand love her back Personalized email trigger campaigns provide a reminder of products she was interested in, and show her we are really paying attention People who are re-targeted after abandonment have a 26% chance of returning to a site to complete their purchase. Every time you contact your visitors, you should present them with something that is valuable to them. This increases the % of emails they open from you, and keeps them engaged. Social proof works because 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so don’t miss an opportunity to provide people with social proof of a product’s quality in your emails. Email Open rates – Highly dependent on your subject line, you should see >30% open rates for your abandon cart emails, >20% for your abandon browse, and >15% for your other emails Big Milestone This new product will allow us to engage our customer at the right time, with the right message, to allow us to increase our potential earnings first by: Increasing click and open ratios Spending less money on acquisition Increasing conversion Product Positioning Let me name a few... What are their NEEDS? Customers will have a meaningful and seamless brand experience that will provide them with the perfect amount of personalized communication, and engaging content to retain their brand loyalty, and encourage them to [convert] Product Vision These emails are personalized in that: we only send them when she engages with us We call out to her previous purchases & browse behaviour We will utilize her locale Customers are converting more than before the triggers were launched CRM team quickly and independently launch and test personalized email campaigns Insights Analysts are able to efficiently analyze data related to the triggers What's the Problem? Wave 270: Email Marketing Experience Conditions of Success

Product Vision

Transcript: We value Products that put an emphasis on: Data User Experience Reporting & Analytics Mobile (device agnostic) Simplicity Product Management uses market data and validation to build, then measure the Product KPI's and desired outcomes: Are the solutions that the teams create lining up with the objectives? Are the KPI's being hit? Are the KPI's aligning with the SAVO Vision and Mission? Are customers responding positively? Has anything changed in the market, and do we need to change to respond? Product Values inform how they work. Product KPI's determine what we work on. Teams will rapidly iterate on ideas and solutions that "move the KPI needle." They'll throw out ideas that don't - don't worry, we'll know very soon if a solution doesn't work, because it will be tested with customers before a single line of production code is written. Marketing and Product can Release a set of solutions that meet the KPI and value criteria to the market. Product Portfolio and Lifecycle Management Now that KPI's are written, maintained, and the entire company is informed, existing products undergo monitoring and maintenance so they can continue to perform against the KPI's and desired outcomes. Development teams can own several iterations of Product Lifecycle improvements and maintenance as long as the Business chooses to invest in the KPI and outcome that aligns with the solution. The goal of SAVO is to provide salespeople and teams with the simplist platform that enables them to find the most relevant content and share that content with their prospective client. Overall Product Vision Sales and Marketing can use the KPI's and Objectives to have conversations with clients. This qualitative data (positive/negative customer reaction) can inform the Product team of market fit. Conversations are focused on objectives, NOT features: "SAVO is working to reduce time to find an asset" vs "SAVO is making Smart Start." Support uses KPI's to influence areas for maintenance and to understand SAVO's investment strategy. Client conversations focus on outcomes. What is the SAVO Product and Why? Who is informed of the KPI's and Objectives? Reduce time to find the "right" or "relevant" asset by 25% Onboard Mid-Sized Customers in less than 2 weeks Deploy a bug fix to Production in less than 10 minutes. Product Goals & Objectives (Desired OUTCOMES) Who creates, manages, and updates the KPI's, Objectives, and Outcomes? Product Vision SAVO Product Values Development teams use Values as a guide and KPI's as the rule.

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