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Transcript: Ranking Of Books Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland The book is about a girl called Alice that was with her sister under a tree reading, and Alice became very bored. Suddenly she saw a neatly dressed white rabbit who ran and muttered that he was late, looking at his pocket watch. She curiously starts running behind it and after that happens many strange things, like falling into a kind of very deep well, getting smaller and bigger, speaking with a cat…. Personal Opinion OPINION I have chosen this book because it reminds me of my childhood. For sure I recommend this book, eader if you are an adult, so like that you can remember your childhood. Apart from that, this is a very funny and entertaining book. Rapunzel Rapunzel It was about the Rapunzel film, about a beautiful girl with very long hair that lived in a tower locked up because of a witch who pretended to be her mother. Personal Opinion OPINION I have chosen is "Rapunzel", because it reminds me of when I was little. I like it a lot because it is one of my favorite books of my childhood. Of course I will recommend it to you, it is a very beautiful and typic story. Poos in Boots Poos in Boots It is a book that, in summary, speaks about a cunning cat who pretends to be a servant of a great marquis, impressing the king with his gifts. Personal Opinion OPINION Of course I like it, because since I was a child it is one of my favorites books, because it is funny and interesting, apart from entertaining and original. I definitely recommend it because it is the typical book that you have to read before you die, because it is mitic. Does The Luck Exists? Does The Luck Exists? The book explains curiosities about luck, such as famous people’s amulets, different countries' and people's superstitions… In conclusion, interestings luck's facts. Personal Opinion OPINION I chose it because luck is a topic that I love, and also because it seemed very interesting and I am a curious girl. I like it a lot because I have learnt new things about luck, and of course I would recommend it to the people that are as curious as me. The Future Of Energy The Future Of Energy Like the title says, it goes about how energy is going to change during the following years because of climate change. For that the technology will influid a lot. Personal Opinion OPINION I have chosen this book because I think that it is very necessary to know how the energy powers are going to be in the future, more if we are now in problems with climate change and those things. I like it because I have learned new interesting things about energy. If you want to be informed of the future energy power and those types of things, I would recommend it to you. Evolution of The Telephonere Evolution of The Telephonere The book that I have read is about the evolution of the telephone during its creation, and also explains characteristics and information about it. Personal Opinion OPINION I’d like it because I am a girl who likes to learn new things because I am very curious, and this book has taught me many things about mobile phones. I’ll recommend it because it is very interesting, and because it is good to know about the story of things that are so important in our day to day. Fast Food or Slow Food Fast Food or Slow Food This book talks about the pros and cons about eating slow and fast food. Also apart from that, it tells us some cultures, foods, and the importance of eating well. Personal Opinion OPINION I like this book a lot because I love eating and tasting different foods. Also because I have learned new things about some countries' food. I chose this book because I like the food's world, and all the things related to them. I really recommend it to you if you are a person that loves to cook. A Plastic Bottle Around The World A Plastic Bottle Around The World It is about some plastic bottles that explains us their lives, from their fabrications, to where they die, that it explains us that the people through them to the sea creating giant plastic islands. Personal Opinion OPINION I’d like it because it explains how the world is turning off because of pollution. If you want to know more about pollution, you will surely like this book. Too Close To The Sun Too Close To The Sun The book is about a father and a son that were trapped in a labyrinth, and that to get out they created wings with bird feathers but when they flew so high. the sun melted them, throwing the son into the sea from very high, disappearing for life. Personal Opinion OPINION I have chosen this book because its title was very attractive. I thought It will be very interesting, because of its title, but at least it isn't. I wouldn't recoment it to you because it is a little bit strange the book.


Transcript: Electronic Waste Deforestation Climate Change Garbage Patches aren't as widely known, but still are major issues. Having mounds of plastic in the Pacific are killing marine life because they mistaken plastic for food. The decrease in Amazon habitats is an issue because we have little amazons as is and the more they lose their habitats the shorter they will be around. - unplug straightener - unplug chargers - recycle old phones Climate Change is an issue because the polar caps are melting away and forcing water levels to rise. 1. Deforestation 2. Landfills 3. Air Quality & Energy 4. Acid Rain 5. Fresh Water 6. Garbage Patch 7. Electronic Waste 8. Climate Change 9. Amazon & Habitat Fragmentation Ranking: Amazon and Habitat Fragmentation Landfills Air Quality and Energy Acid Rain Electronic Waste is a critical issue that is only going to get worse as technology advances and people replace their old tech devices. Electronic Waste APES Project Air Quality and Energy are major issues because they affect every living thing on the planet that need oxygen and we need other sources of energy. Garbage Path My Lifestyle Changes Deforestation is a major issue because it affects vital parts of the water cycle, controls temperature changes, and takes away a very important natural resource, us humans use daily. Landfills Landfills are a critical issue because human waste increases daily and we are running out of places to put it. Also, it releases toxins into our land. Fresh Water is an essential part of marine life, humans, land animals, and plants. Not having fresh water would destroy the entire ecosystem. Fresh Water Acid Rain is an issue because it can cause ground-level ozone and release particles that are harmful to the lungs. Electronic Waste

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