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One pager

Transcript: The time this is going on is 1941-1944. During World War 2 when the Germans wanted to kill the jewish race. Setting Evan Popp Where One pager The p.o.v of night is in first person. The books in the perspective of Elie. The reason for this is in the book it says " I was terribly hungry, yet I refused to touch it. I was still the spoiled child of long ago." This shows that the book is in first person being he is talking about himself with using "I", also he used "I said". We're seeing the book through Elie's eyes as he goes through the holocaust.This is why the book Night is in first person and not another p.o.v. Night by Elie Wiesel My reaction to night so far is shocked and sad. The reason for this is I'm shocked that any human being would put someone through something this horrible. I'm sad that Elie and his family had to go through and endure being treated like animals. It changed his life completely. He lived in Sighet, Hungry before being taken away to to Auschwitz in Poland. Where he ended up in Buna or also known as Auschwitz 3. Working in a factory with his dad. Elie at the begging of the book was just a kid who was innocent and didn't know what was going on in the world. He just wanted to study and learn more about his religion. As the book goes on and he gets taken away from is home he starts to learn what's going on in the world against his religion. He's no longer innocent and is now really scared. He's focused on surviving with his dad. Pov Reaction Time Characterization

one pager

Transcript: Belladonna is glommy she is a spell binder her bestfriend name is steve. Where she lives its always rainning and cold also it is always cloudy. Belladonna is a spell binder and more keres are coming to battle her also her grandmother is her guardian but belladonna has been staying with her parnents in there old house which they shouldn't be in and also keres are evil. My favorite part of the the book was when belladonna switched back the chairs and sophie broke the chair and everyone and evevn the teacher gave a little chuckle. The author's purpose is to entertain because it doesn't teach you a leasson. 2. belladonna loves visting her grandma's house. 3. belladonna thinks steve's mom knows more than she should about spellbinders and keres.4.sophie's brother is steve's friend.5.spellbinders are good and keres are evil.6.belladonna ride in the back of a police car bcause she was at her parents old house and when she shouldn't be and they thought she was there alone but her parnents was there but they should have either so they head.7. mrs.lazenby told belladonna that she was going to find her a great family to live with and belladonna said she didn't want to go she also said that her grandmother would show up some where. 5.belladonna killed a kere they thought there was only one kere but there is more. In the climax belldonna is the last spell binder the head of the school knew belladonna was a spellbinder.she also knew about the keres.steve thinks he killed a kere because he posioned one.miss parker thiks they can take down the keres ruler.they were going to the house of ashes to return on there journey.when belladonna falls a sleep she goes in a different world miss parker told belladonna that the world she was going to wasn't just some dream it was real. Mr.and Mrs. proctor are trying to kill belladonna.Mr.proctor turned belladonna into a kere.but belladonna knew how to fight the evvil power.Steve slapped the kere across the face then steve shot a big blassed out his mouth and the kere was dead. 6. sophie w. tryed to trick belladonna but belladonna switched back the chairs and sophie didnt notice and feel right out her chair. 2. belladonna's class goes on a field trip to fenchurch. by Helen Stringer Tyre Riggs extra notes 1.Belladonna finds a black feather leaving her grandmothers house. fourth hour 3.belladonna's friend parnents own a store. 7.sophie broke her own brothers leg. 4.spell binders are good and keres are evil. midnight gate

One pager

Transcript: The purpose of a one pager is to own what you are reading and viewing. We think about what we see, read, and study differently when we are asked to do something with what we have discussed, seen, studied, or read. We learn best when we can create our own ideas. What are the 5 plot elements? 1)Intro 2)Rising Action 3)Climax 4)Falling Action 5) Resolution Step 7: Do a layout "Rough Draft" to make your final planning. **Don't Forget you must NOT have any white "dead" space. ** One pager Main Idea Show me what you experienced This project is a way to communicate your understanding of the material in a unique way. A one-pager allows you to be creative and experimental. It gives you the opportunity to respond to your reading imaginatively and honestly. Examples Step 6: Ask two (2) questions and answer them. Step 3: Decide what image you could draw, or find to support your quotes. You can draw this, cut out pictures in magazines or computer images can be used. Step 2: Select two (2) quotes from the text. These quotes need to focus on an element of the plot, a character description/personality, or the setting. Step 4: Write your commentary about the quotes. Explain why you chose the quote and what the quote is about. Step 1: Use a graphic organizer to plan out your one pager. There will be an organizer provided for you; however you may use a different method to plan out your work. Step 5:Decide on your central image and descriptive words that you can use around the entire page. Also decide what type of border are you going to use, words or images.

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