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Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X F By: Pat Schamtz Presentation By Philip Nikitin Bluefish E Characters Travis is a 8th grader from a small town. He was living a happy life with his parents and his dog Rosco. One day things started to fall apart for travis. Both his parents died his mom from disease, and his dad from a drunk-driving accedent. After this happened all he had left was Rosco. Travis though of him as a parent. He lived with his grandpa, Then one day Travis left Rosco home when he went into a swamp on his land. He came back soon after, Rosco wasnt waiting there. Travis Vida has a different story. Vida or Velvita lives in a trailer park. She lives with her mom (or as she calls her madre). Velvita's brother Jimmy (she reffers to him as the butt) who frankly she hates, always visits and gets her mom to drink. Vida sees this as a problem... Then she meet Calvin he changed her life. He lived across of vida and whenever buttface Jimmy would come over vida would retreat from her trailer to Calvins. Calvin taught her how to read, write, and do math. He even gave her 23 scarfes. But one day it all changed calvin died... but he left vida the key to his trailer. Vida D Setting The Swamp The Swamp Trailer Park Trailer Park McQueens room McQueens room Bluefish is set in a small rural town. The town is a poorer town. There is a trailer park and as well as small houses. Travis lived outside of the town but then later moved into the town. Vida lives in a trailer park in the small town. Bluefish is set in a small rural town. The town is a poor... C Theme Push thourgh whatever life throws at you. B Tough questions Why does travis want to learn to read so badly? Travis wants to learn to read because hes sick of being a bluefish. Travis always calls himself a blue fish but why? When travis was younger he was in the bluefish group. This group was the lowest group. Since then he has been in that group. After he lost his parents and his grandpa doesnt know about it. He wanted to be normal and he wanted to be able to read. Then Mcqueen came and helped him on the road to sucsess. He would slowly learn to read by first circling the words he didnt know. Soon after mcqueen started to chip away at these words. soon travis would know enough to be able to read a sentence. Travis did all these things to be able to be normals and not have to be a ''stupid bluefish'' anymore. Why did Vida Want to help Travis to read? Vida definetly helped travis to learn how to read. When Mcqueen gave ''The Book Thief" to Vida it was no coincidence. The character in that book perfectly resembled Travis. A smart and strong person... Who couldnt read. She learned to read by circling words and learning them and thats exactly what Travis did. Mcqueen knew vida was the only one who talked to him and could actutally help him more that Mcqueen could. At first Travis didnt believe that she wanted to help him. He thought she was just making fun of him. But then Travis figures out that Vida wants to help him accel in reading. Resulting in Vida being able to help Travis. A Quotes This quote is importent to the story because Rosco was Travis's best freind. Rosco was the closed thing to a parent that Travis had. And the day he just dissappeared... Travis was heartbroken. "Rosco, I killed him" -Grandpa (Pg 145) "Rosco, I killed him" -Grandpa (Pg 145) This is importent to the story because this expains why Travis always calls himself bluefish. And when Brady asked it pretty much started the friend group. Bluefish... Whats that? - Bradley (pg 221) Bluefish... Whats that? - Bradley (pg 221) This quote is very importent to the story. This sparked the whole idea of Travis starting to read. This inspried Travis to take the reading slowly. So instead of choking on words he would smoothly go through them at a slow pace. “Read them out loud, and take it slow. When you hit a comma, stop and chew. When you hit a period, swallow. Don't try to eat any circled words.” - Mcqueen “Read them out loud, and take it slow. When you hit a comma, stop and chew. When you h... The song "dont stop beliving" by journey is a song about not giving up. This relates to the story because if Travis wants to learn to read he needs to Believe in himself. The lyrics "dont stop beliveing" says it all. Music that reflects the book Music that reflects the book

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Transcript: In the story, it uses a metaphor that says" When the road is a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor." It also says, " Wine red was his velvet coat. The Author uses that to help the reader "see" what it looks like. Alfred noyes uses a simile discribing Tim. He says, "His hair like moldy hay." And, "Dumb as a dog he listened."He says that so you can imagine what Tim looks like. Characters: Bess:The inn-keepers daughter Highwayman: Theif who loves Bess. Tim: The old Ostler who loves Bess too. I think that the highwayman is arrogant by the way he dresses. And it really doesn't say very much about Bess, but she seems shy. The author uses alot of imagery by saying," A coat of claret velvet" and " He'd a french cocked-hat on his forehead." And, "The landlords red-lipped daughter." I like that it uses that imagery because I have an idea of what they people look like. I think the author is trying to tell you by the story, that love is very powerful. And if you truly love someone, then you would do anything for them. Summary: The highwayman and the inn-keeper's daughter (Bess) fall in love. But Tim the Ostler loves Bess too. The highwayman says he will come back to her at midnight and return with gold. The redcoats end up finding out, and tie Bess to her bed with a musket tied to her. So they wait fo the highwayman to come back. She hears the highwayman coming back and knows that he could get killed. So she shoots herself to warn the highwayman that thay are coming. All because she loves him. The Highwayman By Alfred Noyes The Author shows onomonopoeia by saying: " Over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn-yard." Another one is," Tlot-Tlot in the frosty silence." Alfred Noyes says that to help the reader imagine that they can actually hear the highwayman riding on his horse.

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Transcript: Assassination of Lincoln “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.” -Abraham Lincoln Topic 1-Four Pictures Topic 1 Topic 2- Vocabulary Topic 2 Assassination: "Assassination is the act of murdering a prominent or important person, such as heads of state, heads of government, politicians, royalty, celebrities, journalists, or CEOs." -Wikipedia Presidential Box: Special, high-up seats that Ford Theater created, for when high-ranking officials came to view a performance. Subtopic 1 Subtopic 1 Subtopic 2 Subtopic 2 Topic 3 Topic 3 Dates: The assassination of Abraham Lincoln occurred on April 14th, 1865, at Ford's Theater. Abraham Lincoln was born February 12th, 1809 and died April 15th, 1865. He was the 16th president of the U.S from 1861-1865. Significance of Event: This event dramatically changed the Reconstruction Era (the period of history following the Civil War) and political reforms made during that time. Lincoln's death ended reconstruction plans, as the South refused to comply with them. Furthermore, People mourned all across U.S, and people who were rejoiced at the end of the Civil War were now shocked by the assassination. Text Text Picture Picture Topic 4 -Connection to Today Topic 4 Today, Abraham Lincoln is remembered for his essential role as the leader in preserving the union. He also began the Emancipation Proclamation and was an important part in the conclusion of slavery. Topic 5 - Facts Topic 5 Two Interesting Facts: -Mary Todd Lincoln thought the vice president, Andrew Johnson, had involvement in the conspiracy. Before J. Wiles Booth shot Lincoln, he left a handwritten-card at the Kirkwood House to Andrew Johnson. -Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln was near two different presidential assassinations.

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Transcript: January 30,2019 One pager By Logan Smith The main characters are Rollan,Conor,Meilin,Abeke. Fall of the Beasts Spirit Animals The Return My book Conor He is a kind,caring,shy type of guy. He is the jokester of the 4 and never take a serious moment serious. Rollan She is the most serious out of the group,she is also the most skilled in combat. Meilin She is more caring,nice and kind,but if she betrayed then she will hunt them down and end them. Abeke In the story they are trying to find this thing called The Wyrm and it is a very powerful evil that wants to kill every one. Theme of my book On page 151 Meilin says "And there-high above the city and nestled in the Evertree's root-was a black oozing polyp.It looked like a rotted egg,with a giant crack in its side.Melin took a deep breath."The Wrym"'. A quote This is a significant quote because it is the first time that they have ever see the Wrym in thousands of years A quote explained 10 because it is a cliff hanger book and it is very catchy. Rating of the book "Then he hurled the parasite at Abeke.Eveything moved in slow motion.Abeke readied herself to try dto deflect the worm,knowing full well how improbable that it would be.But before she could swing her bow,Uraza leaped into the air-into the space between Abeke and the Parasite. Another quote from the book This is an important quote because Abeke has had Uraza for a long time and she also is on of the great beasts she now Zerif had one more great beast under his control. The quote explained A picture to help with the theme and the main characters. This is the only picture that can relate to the main characters

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