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Mystery Illness Powerpoint

Transcript: Presented by Jahlin, Josh and Daren Ms.Blackman's 6th hr Keep Em Alive Patient 1 Patient 1 Patient 1 has been diagnosed with salmonella because her mother reports that she baked cookies with her daughter several hours before and that she ate uncooked cookie dough containing raw egg and contamined egg is found in salmonella. To prevent salmonella you should cook poultry, beef, and eggs thoroughly. Picture of Salmonella Picture of Salmonella Patient 2 Patient 2 Patient 2 has been diagnosed with staphylococcus aureus a ham sandwich which is a common food carrier of staphylococcus aureus. To prevent staphylococcus aureus fash hands thoroughly and keep cuts and scrapes clean. Picture of staphylococcus aureus Picture of staphylococcus aureus Patient 3 Patient 3 Patient 3 has been diagnosed with e.coli. The boy was diagnosed with e.coli because he ate a burger and burgers are processed groud beef which is found in e.coli. To prevent e.coli you should wash your hands and wash utensils. Picture of E.coli Picture of E.coli Patient 4 Patient 4 Patient 4 has been diagnosed with Listeria monocytogenes because he ate a ham sandwich Listeria monocytogenes common food carriers are deli meats and ham is a deli meat. To prevent listereria monocytogenes don't drink raw milk and wash hands and utensils. Picture of Listeria Monocytogenes Picture of Listeria Monocytogenes Patient 5 has been diagnosed with campylobacter because he ate raw chicken ehich qualifies as raw poultry aand raw poultry is the common food carrier of campylobacter. To prevent campylobacter always cook meat and don't drink raw milk. Patient 5 Patient 5 Picture of Campylobacter Picture of Campylobacter


Transcript: David-Kristen-Hannah Mystery- Anything that is kept a secret or remains unexplained or unknown. Mystery stories have very different styles of writing then fantasy. The paragraphs and chapters for mystery books are much shorter because,a lot of the times the writer likes to change the scenery often. This is to get your mind thinking about the mystery and not so much the small details. Mysteries can vary in length from two hundred to three hundred page chapter books like Reality Check by Peter Abrahams or the Nancy Drew series that are about one hundred and fifty pages long. Murder Kidnapping Theft Scams Blackmail Crime Detective Work Haunted Places Abduction of A Group Of People History Mysteries Ghosts “Matt, a six year old boy, is kidnapped by his father, Denny, who he had never met. Though he has always dreamed of meeting him, nothing is the way he thought it would be given his father is only using Matt to obtain money to gamble. With little clues to follow, Matt's mother and sister, and the police, are doing everything they can to find him.” The book Abduction is by Peg Kehret. I have personally read this book several times and each time I read the book, I understood it more. This book is mystery because it is about a boy who is kidnaped and how the police and the boys family work together to find the man who the believe is his father who did it. This is 100% a mystery story. The Snapshot “Honey, I’m going across the hall to Mrs. Keen’s room to see if she knows where the smell is coming from.” John said with my hand covered over his nose. I replied simply with “ I bet one of her cats died, again. Who in sains heck would have 9 cats... and counting?” I whispered hoping no one in the next room would hear, due to the fact that the walls are the opposite of soundproof. He cuckeled and walked out the door and walked into the dimmed light hallway across to room 8B. I shut the door and turned on the T.V. I listened to Rachel Ray talk about her chicken pot-pie before I heard a scream and a loud boom. I sprinted to the door and opened it. I saw the door to room 8B open and I ran towards it not knowing what I was getting myself into. I opened the door and saw a puddle of blood coming from John, who was lying on the floor. I looked up and saw someone running out the window and onto the fire escape. The man with the black hoodie looked at me. Before I could blink, he snapped a photo of me and took off down the fire escape. The History Of This House Is A Mystery Creak, creak, was the sound of the wooden floor boards as I stood in the corner of my old fashioned styled kitchen with a mop clenched in my hand. I just moved in, and already, I was scared of going inside of my new house. I had just got off of the phone with my nagging mother while I listened to her say, “Jessica, did you unpack yet?” Or “Jessica did you mop the floors yet?” While explaining to her that I will eventually do everything she wants me to, the phone clicked off without my Mom nor I hanging up. I know that because my mom called again asking why I hung up on her. At first i thought that there was something wrong with the phone line, but then i realized that my house was haunted. It all started when I herd people whispering in my bathroom, even though I am living by myself. In a second it was out of my mind because I thought that it was just a gust of wind. Than at night when I was trying to get some sleep in before my first day at my new job at a law firm, my door was opening slowly, and then slamming shut without me touching a thing. The night was as still as a statue so it couldn’t have been the wind. This morning it was the phone, and now I here creaking from the wooden floor boards coming from the attic! I knew something was suspicious when my realtor didn't tell me a thing about this houses past. I am the only one in this house, or at least I think that I am... The Log Cabin Finally, it was winter break. I was so excited! Two weeks in a log cabin with my family. I could see myself now, drinking hot chocolate and snowboarding with my brand new blue snowboard. I packed the rest of my fuzzy socks, i was going to bring and shut my suitcase. We stuffed all the heavy suitcases into our red mini van and drove for hours until we reached our destination. I ran up the steps of the cabin and looked around it. I could smell the scent of pine and something I could not recognize. Everything seemed normal. A typical cabin, there was a stone fire place and a really cozy and warm feel. It has been a long day of driving so I decided to go to bed. I must have been a sleep for about only two hours when I suddenly woke up to the sound of my younger sister screaming bloody murder. I jumped out of bed and ran into her room. My eyes must have practically fell out of my head when I saw this. Blood covered the the floor, my sister was standing on her bed starring in astonishment at all the blood. Blood was pouring out from the walls. The rest of my family ran into my

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