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Mass Media

Transcript: 1. coordination 2. socialization 3. social control eg: the news and popular crime TV shows praise the "good guys" and expose deviants - they reinforce ideas of who deserves reward and who deserves punishment 4. entertainment Functionalism Conflict Theory they say that functionalists exaggerate the degree to which the media serves the interests of the entire society they contend that it's the dominant classes and political groups that benefit greatly ownership of the media is concentrated in the hands of a few, highly-profiting people - mass media is a source for economic inequality 1. CTVglobemedia Inc. owned by Bell Canada controls: CTV television network, The Globe and Mail, TSN, and more approx. revenue: $4.3 billion 2. Rogers Communications Inc. owned by the Rogers family controls: the Shopping Channel, Sportsnet, the Toronto Bluejays, dozens of radio stations, a lot of business magazines (including Maclean's) approx. revenue: $3.9 billion 3. Shaw communications Inc. owned by Shaw family controls: Shaw communications, 49 radio stations, Global TV, Food Network, History Television, Showcase, and more approx. revenue: $3.1 billion 4. CBC/Radio Canada the only multimedia giant in Canada that is publicly owned controls: an English network and a French network as well as 4 commercial-free networks approx. revenue: $1.6 billion 56% of this is federal government grant 5. Quebecor Inc. owned by Peladeau family controls: 28 daily newspapers (including the Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg Suns), and the largest cable TV provider in Quebec approx. revenue: $1 billion Until the 1990s, "horizontal integration" was the aim; firms sought to control as much production as possible in their own particular fields eg: newspapers, radio, TV, etc. Then, "vertical integration" was implemented: firms sought to control production and distribution in many fields. They became known as "conglomerates". Now: a conglomerate can own any combination of TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, Web portals, cable channels and systems, sports teams, software companies However, there are still many instances of media biting the hand that fed them. Advertisers do not come near to completely silencing publication, but they do muffle it. However, journalistic articles exposing conspiracy and corruption are still rampant in mainstream news sources. Evidence of opposition to the government can be found in every newspaper. The media is still doing a lot of good: it has always supported democracy. It also serves as reinforcement of common values such as capitalism and consumerism. Over all, the media coordinates, socializes, socially controls, and entertains society. But it has sinister capabilities to silence diversity through its concentrated private ownership. Theories of Mass Media Effects Now, a totalitarian government is almost always condemned by people in other countries. News broadcasts and journalist's reports greatly influence entire countries. Before mass media, nobody knew what was going on halfway around the world, now it's extremely easy info to access. Governments and conglomerates regularly attack and silence journalists that seek to expose any negatives. beliefs, values and norms of society are projected by the mass media and are widely accepted... including injustices and inequalities Formerly, family had the exclusive right to transmit norms, values and culture. But now... a new method is needed to coordinate society there are 5 multimedia giants in the country: The main functions of the media (according to functionalists) are: Shared ideals of democracy, competition, justice, etc. are reinforced by the media and coordinates the operation of industrial and post-industrial societies. ~relieves stress~ Discussion: CBC/Radio Canada makes $1.6 billion -> 56% of that is in government grants. When considering the dangers of having privately-owned media networks, do you think it is a good idea to sell off CBC? Media gives us pleasure, relaxation and an escape from the tedium of everyday life most of the revenue earned by TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines comes from advertising. News carriers will often soften stories about an advertiser in fear of losing their business. a) Advertising c) Flak The media is detrimental in 2 ways: Connects people who are geographically far away Conflict theorists criticize functionalists for not paying enough attention to the social inequality that the media fosters Now, a totalitarian government is almost always condemned by people in other countries. News broadcasts and journalist's reports greatly influence entire countries. Before mass media, nobody knew what was going on halfway around the world, now it's extremely easy info to access. As societies grow, they change. Because of the size of today's society, face-to-face communication is becoming a less-viable option. As a result... ~90% of the media in Canada is privately owned. Over time, this is becoming more

Mass Media

Transcript: Mass Media The institution of mass media can be newspapers, televisions, radios and how they influence the viewing audience. It can be used to do many things such as: make people want to buy a product, change the way you view a political or social situation, or make you feel a certain way just by hearing a jingle or seeing a logo. Social Being Insitutions give people the sense of belonging by providing the feeling of inclusions. The Mass Media involves multitudes of people very easily. Much more so than would occur if all interactions were physical. More attachment occurs when someone is interested in the subject. Examples Sports: Avid fans, through television, feel connected to the team. Often refer to favorite team as "We" because they feel involved. Over reaction to outcome of games results from social being. War: Through radio, tv, and internet people recieve information about "their" war. Not physically fighting, but Mass Media makes them feel involved. Celebrities: Magazines, tv, and radio feature celebrities and give insight about details of their peronal life. Twitter and facebook provide a more personal interaction with the people instead of through a reporter. People join together to attempt to govern the celebrities life. This joining makes the people feel connected. The effects of Mass Media Throughout history, Mass Media has been affecting society. The media influence has recently increased dramatically in the last hundred years. This is due to inventions of Mass Media. Began with telephone and telegraph, evolved to televsion and internet. On average, a child see 40,000 ads each year. Examples include: Slavery, Holocaust, and Occupy Wallstreet. Slavery Mass Media: Posters, Newspaper, and Advertisements Posters were used to recapture fugitive slaves, often with a reward. Newspapers had advertisements for sales of slaves. Without mass media, slavery would have been much less effective. Runaways would have escaped and stayed free easier without it. The buying of slaves would have been much more difficult and hard to come across. The ads made the slaves more like property and less like people. Holocaust Mass Media: Posters, Newspaper, Radio, Television. Posters were progaganda to create nationalism. Newspaper portrayed all other races as terrible people. Radio and Television united desirables against undesirables. Mass Media made people believe they were better than others and that it was their duty to get rid of anyone lesser than them. Without the propaganda, the wrong-doings may have never occured. Occupy Wallstreet Mass Media: Internet, Television, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Telephone. All of these were used to pin the 1% as being greedy people. This was an attempt to pin the 99% of the population against the 1% in protest. The main push was influenced by internet and recieved major publicity, causing many others to join in. Had no mass media been present, only a limited number of people would have been part of it which would have made the protest even less successful. Mass media also helped, by making the cops trying to stop the protest look like they were fighting for the 1%. The mass media creates omissions, distortion, inaccuracy and bias in our society. This can have two different outcomes: Blind acceptance, and living in ignorance. Recognition in the fault in our system which can create a seperation between the people and stir up a large amount of dissension. For a nation to succeed in todays world, it needs the support of the people, and if the ladder proves to be true then it can tear apart the entire nation and cause it to fail. What could go wrong when it comes to Mass Media? What it is?

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