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David Letterman

Transcript: David Letterman In 2009, David Letterman revealed that he had sexual misconduct with his female employee's. This was in response to a plan by CBS news producer Robert Halderman who demanded a ransom to keep quiet about Letterman's sexual affairs. Earlier that year, Letterman married his long time girlfriend of 23 years and mother of their 6 year old son. Letterman apologized on his show about his behavior and how he compromised his staff. “quid pro quo” meaning “this for that” Involves higher authority in workplace, can directly effect job status, hiring/firing, etc. Hostile Environment Involves anyone who one would interact with on job, i.e. co-workers, customers, vendors, etc. and includes discussing sexual activities, unnecessary touching, commenting on physical attributes, sexually suggestive pictures, etc. With such a sexually scandalous past, Letterman illustrates that his affection for, now wife, Regina Lasko was never something exclusive to her. The ethics of utilitarianism now prove immoral, therefore wrong and unethical, because the party that suffers is the Letterman family due to embarrassment, defamation of character, and possible broken trust brought on by David Letterman exposing his indecent and unvirtuous ways. Unlawful Sexual Harassment Extortion - CBS News Producer demanded $2 Million Utilitarianism - "the ends justifies the means" Exchange of sexual pleasantries between superiors and subordinates did not prove fruitful for all Letterman shows no remorse for his actions "Did Dave hit on me? No. Did he pay me enough extra attention that it was noted by another writer? Yes. Was I aware of rumors that Dave was having sexual relationships with female staffers? Yes. Was I aware that other high-level male employees were having sexual relationships with female staffers? Yes. Did these female staffers have access to information and wield power disproportionate to their job titles? Yes. Did that create a hostile work environment? Yes. Did I believe these female staffers were benefiting professionally from their personal relationships? Yes. Did that make me feel demeaned? Completely. Did I say anything at the time? Sadly, no." Conclusion The Ethical Issues Letterman & Me Here's What Happened - Nell Scovell

Jonathan Letterman

Transcript: Created an independent Ambulance Corps. Ambulances Under Letterman’s orders, everyone was assigned its own ambulances. Ambulances were forbidden to any use but the transportation of wounded and medical supply, preventing them from misuse. Developed an orderly and efficient system for the treatment of wounded soldiers Created two long-term hospitals on the battlefield – the first of their kind – at Keedysville and Smoketown One surgeon in charge, an assistant surgeon to provide supplies, and another to keep records. Each hospital would also select three surgeons to perform operations while others assisted or performed other important duties. Other Problems Letterman at Antietam cont. How were the hospitals run? Civil War Medicine Video Letterman's Ambulence Corps. Lack of supplies Unattended hospitals Considered the father of emergency medicine Good schooling Transformed the Medical Corps His ideas have led to better civilian emergency medicine, disaster relief, and emergency management around the world. Letterman Army Hospital Letterman Today Background by: David Lazar; Block 7 Thank you for Watching! Letterman Army Hospital Civil War Ambulence 1 million out of 2 million experienced diarrhea or dysentery Letterman faced a huge challenge in preventing the diarrhea Death by diarrhea An Illinois private stated, "Inflammation of the bowels was so severe and painful that it seemed as though death would be a welcome relief." Antietam left over ten thousand Federal soldiers wounded, and thousands more Confederates, left by their retreating army. Thanks to Lettermans system, within 48 hours the abandoned Confederate wounded were all secured. Letterman at Antietam Jonathan Letterman “There was not a day during World War II that I did not thank God for Jonathan Letterman.” - Paul Hawley A Big Problem: Diahhrea

Jonathan Letterman

Transcript: Early Life At the beginning of the Civil War, Jonathan Letterman was assigned to the Army of Potomac. Soon after that he was named the medical director of the whole entire army. After tha Battle at the Second Manassas, General George McClellan gave Letterman the free range to do whatever he needed to do to revamp the medical department of the army. Ambulance Corps Jonathan also created an ambulance corps. The ambulance corps had a strecher bearer to carry the wounded sloiders. The ambulance corp trained men to operate wagons and pick up wounded soliders to take them to one of the three treatment process that Letterman created. Medical Career Jonathan Letterman Treatment Process Inorder to revamp the medical department of the army os Jonthan Letterman creayed an evacuation system that had three differnet stations for different types of treatments. The first station was a field-dressing station that was located on the battelfield where they could immeditaly stoped bleeding. Next there was a field hospital that was near the battle field but not right by it. The field hospital was to do emergency surgery took place and additional treatment took place. Teh last on is the large hospital that was located far away and that is where long trem treatment took place. Jonathan Letterman was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1824. Jonathan grew up being around the medical feild cause his dad was a doctor. When Jonathan was older he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps becoming a doctor. In 1849 Letterman graduated from the Jeffersons Medical College , in that same year he also assumed the rank of assist surgeon in the Army Medical Department.

David Letterman

Transcript: David Letterman David Letterman was born April 12, 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana. And as a kid in school Letterman was a class clown. Letterman studied radio and television at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana (B.A. 1969). He worked in Indianapolis as a radio talk-show host. His big break came when he began appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,he was offered his own show, the daytime David Letterman Show. Late Night with David Letterman soon became popular with a young audience by mixing the usual talk-show ingredients of celebrity guests His signature features include The Top Ten List; Stupid Pet Tricks (along with its companion, Stupid Human Tricks); Letterman has received several Emmys for both writing and for his talk show hosting duties. On January 14, 2000, fans were shocked to learn that Letterman underwent quintuple heart bypass surgery. Letterman's next show aired after the surgey was February 21. In 2009, Forbes also listed Letterman as No. 14 on their list of most powerful personalities in entertainment. Letterman and Lasko wed during a private courthouse ceremony in Choteau, Montana, on March 19, 2009. The family lives in North Salem, New York, on a 108-acre estate. Letterman is known for successfully keeping his private life away from the media. He was married to Michele Cook from 1969-1977. He has also been romantically linked to comedian/writer Merrill Markoe. In 2007, he was ranked as No. 17 on the Forbes list of richest men in the entertainment industry, making an estimated $40 million that year. He then began a relationship with production manager Regina Lasko in the mid 80s. Letterman and Lasko celebrated the birth of their son in 2004, who they named after Letterman's father, Harry Joseph Letterman.

Top Ten with David Letterman

Transcript: Top Ten Civil War Battles Fort Henry and Donelson First Major Union Victory in the West in February of 1862. This Victory Ultimately led to the Battle of Vicksburg, Shermans March to the Sea, and established control of Tennessee. Battle of Shiloh April of 1862 when General Grant led his troops to Southeastern Tennessee. At this battle Confederate General Johnson died. This battle led to the capture of Memphis and campain of the Mississippi River. Fort Sumter Shots rang out January 9, 1861 when the South Carolina Militia opened fire on a Union supply ship headed for Fort Sumter, thus starting the Civil War. Battle of Chancelorsville A Battle in May of 1863 in Virginia in which Robert E. Lee fought the perfect battle in defeating the Unions troops led by General Hooker. Even though the Confederates won, they suffered the major loss of General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. Battle of Vicksburg Battle took place on July 4, 1863. Turning point of the war in the west as the Union captured the "Gibralter of Mississippi" and cut off the West from the South and gave the Union control of the Mississippi River. Appomatox Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ullyses S. Grant at the Appomatox court house on April 9, 1865, ending the war. First Battle of Bull Run This Battle took place July 21, 1861 and was the first major battle of the Civil. The Union looked to go and caoture the Confederate Capitol of Richmond to end the ws early, but Confederate reinforcements arrived and Confederate General Beauregard forced a retreat of Union forces lead by General Mcdowell. The massive losses foreshadowed the war to come and showed how how much losses would be suffered by either side if they wanted a victory. Antietem September 17, 1862 Battle in which neither side gained any ground in the battle for Maryland. This was the first major Battle on Northern territory and also the deadliest day in American War history with more than 3,600 deaths including 5 Generals or the Union and Confederacy. Gave Licoln Confidence for Emancipation Proclamation and furhter discouraged British or Frech aid of the Confederacy. Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3 1863. This was the bloodiest battle of the war and was the turning point of the war in the north for the Union. This would later be the site for Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Shermans March to the Sea Military campaign led by William T. Sherman from November to December of 1864. This march laid ruins to everything in its path including the City of Atlanta as General Sherman led his troops down to Savvannah cutting of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi from the rest of the Confederacy.

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