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Indiana University Bloomington Powerpoint Template

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Indiana University Bloomington

Transcript: Fun Facts Indiana University Bloomington Admission Freshmen, there is a chat group on Facebook that allows students to meet other peers, learn about up coming events, see the school, and so much more! Study Abroad! There are tours available for students Several Buildings for different events and uses Online tours at College Degree So let's just start with one IUB, also know as Indiana University Bloomington Room and Board costs about $9,494* Roommates On campus Lots Off Campus Lots Options! Now for Freshmen! Freshmen Campus is always fun! Tuition and Fees* Residents of Indiana -Tuition and Fees about $10,388 -Room and Board about $9,494 -Books and Supplies $1,500 -Total estimated direct costs about $21,382 -Transport about $930 -Personal Expenses about $2,106 Cost of attendance about $24,418 Rose Well House Bicycle Race 1 of 8 campuses First Big Ten University to grant degrees Herman B Wells Fraternity and Sorority *Results may vary Online Sign Up Now lets learn about IUB! 34 credits of college-preparatory courses -8 credits of English -7 credits of mathematics -6 credits of social sciences -6 credits of sciences -4 credits of world languages -3 or more additional college-preparatory courses GPA between 3.47 and 4.00 Let's start off with admissions particularly Requirements and Tuition + Fees. Have you started thinking about colleges? SAT score between 1110 and 1290 College is only a few years away, and those years are going to fly on by. Nonresidents of Indiana -Tuition and Fees about $33,240 -Room and Board about $9,494 -Books and Supplies about $1,500 -Total estimated costs about $44,234 -Transport about $930 -Personal Expenses about $2,106 -Cost of Attendance about $47,270 ACT score between 25 and 30 So many Classes to choose from too! *Results may Vary Requirements Campus About There are so many colleges to choose from, so it might be hard to find a starting point. Room and Board The Simple Things Founded in 1820 Located in Bloomington Indiana Flagship Campus of Indiana University's statewide campuses Do not have a mascot Consider themselves Hoosiers Little 500 Bicycle Race Remember there are requirements to attend a college, same goes for IUB -Credits -Degree -GPA -SAT -ACT About the Campus Freshmen

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