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Transcript: Critical think is to exercise skills of judgment and observation with a range of cognitive skills and intellectual disposition through Reflective thinking, critical analysis, evaluation, truth claiming and intelligent decision making. Intellectual processing Skillfully conceptualize Applying Analyzing Synthesizing Evaluating information gathering Generated information through observation Experiences Reflection Reasoning Communication Comprehend and use language with accuracy, clarity, and discrimination to interpret data Appraise evidence Evaluate arguments Recognize the existence Test the conclusion Generalizations Reconstruct patterns of belief basis of wider experience Render accurate judgment about specific thing Qualities in everyday life Familiarize with interwoven thinking such as: Mathematical thinking Historical thinking Anthropological thinking Economic thinking Moral thinking Philosophical thinking Elements of thoughts Purpose Problem Questions Issues Assumptions Concepts Empirical grounds Reasoning to conclusion Implication Consequences Alternative viewpoints 1e. Key Components of Critical thinking Processing skills through sets of information and belief Intellectual commitment (habit) Exercise those skills The way you research matters it becomes a life long endeavor 1. A review about what is critical thinking 1a. What’s the process of critical thinking? 1b. What is it based on? 1c. What does it examine? 1d. How do we do it? 1e. What are the key components of critical thinking? 1f. What does it involve? 1g. How to cultivate intelligent standards? 2. A review about sociocentric thinking 3. A review about egocentric thinking 4. Tools to diminish egocentric and sociocentric thinking 5. Critical thinking activity: open discussion: opinions, concerns, comments, beliefs, values, ideas, suggestions What will we cover today egocentric dispositions 1b. Standards of Critical Thinking Sociocentric thinking is “culture bound” with the tendency to conform to group restrictions, culture and tradition. Like conformity, it is following crowd or the groups standards uncritically. (uncritical tendency to internalize the beliefs and norms of a group without realizing it may be questioned) power of conformity Power of non-conforming impediments of sociocentric thinking Detail 2 Critical Thinking Activity What is critical thinking? Detail 1 Critical think is to exercise skills of judgment and observation with a range of cognitive skills and intellectual disposition through Reflective thinking, critical analysis, evaluation, truth claiming and intelligent decision making. 1c. Critical thinking examines An attitude that considered thoughtful way of the problem and subjects that come with a range of one's experiences. Knowledge of methods of logical inquiry and reasoning. Skills in applying those methods Persistent effort to examine any belief Support form of knowledge in light of evidence Further conclusion Recognize problems Find workable means to for meeting those problems Gather pertinent information Recognize unstated assumption and values 4. Tools to diminish sociocentric and egocentric thinking 1a. Process of critical thinking 1g. Cultivating Intellectual Standards Detail 3 Learning Outcome: Understand sociocentric and egocentric thinking and influences it has on real-life applications. Describe real-life applications using critical thinking standards Distinguish the problem of sociocentric egocentric thinking and recognize the significance of developing critical societies. Students will be able to apply critical thinking standards to real-life applications, communicate real-life applications and problem solving skills, and to be able to evaluate different views of others. Task: This activity will allow you to assess your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Answer the question using the critical thinking standards: clarity, relevance, logic, depth, consistency, and fairness. Directions: What to do… Review a news article/ textbook based on your question Identify Critical thinking standards in the article Apply the critical thinking standards Summarize your answer using the following questions Post your summary response Critical thinking depends on the quality of our thoughts, this determines the quality of our life, what we produce, and what we build. To build excellence in thought needs to be systematically cultivated. This will prevent the problems of leaving quality of thinking, left to itself, bias, distorted, partial, uniformed, or down-right prejudice. Critical thinking is a mode of thinking of the subject, content, and problem and structuring the inheritance thinking by imposing intellectual standards. Critical thinking activity Universal intellectual value division of: Clarity Accuracy Precision Consistency Relevance Depth Breath Logic Fairness ( to say what is that it is, or of what is not that is not, is true. ~ Aristotle) Raise vital questions and problems Formulate the

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Transcript: 1.Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare "Yet Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honorable man". A. This line is from William Shakespeare’s poem Julius Caesar. Shakespeare’s character Brutus is to be an honorable man. B. In these lines the example is verbal irony. C. Mark Anthony really means Brutus is a dishonorable man. D. This verbal irony was very successful. 2. I started out with nothing & still have most of it left. ~ Drake A. This is a line from the rap artist, drake’s, new song. B. This line shows sarcasm. C. He used sarcasm to show how he started with nothing and he has been doing so bad that he is even losing that. D. This was a successful line because it made me think and I kind of laughed a little. 3. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge: Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink ; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink A. In this poem by Coleridge shows that he is in a bad situation. B. This is an example of a situational irony. C. Coleridge shows that there is water but none of it is drinkable. It was very successful. 4. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. When Romeo finds Juliet in a drugged sleep, he assumes her to be dead and he kills himself. Upon awakening to find her dead lover beside her, Juliet then kills herself. A. In this poem it is a complete misunderstanding. Both of them kill each other because they think the other one is already dead. B. This is an example of dramatic irony. C. The audience knows that Juliet isn’t dead but Romeo does not and he kills himself because he doesn’t know she is sleep. 5. The crowd was as tense as a mouse meeting fear; Their backs are straighter than rulers. Time is like the speed of light. Everybody’s eyes are as large as saucers. I am always given the last shot; My aim is as certain as the rising sun. A. It seems like the author is about to take the last shot to win the game. The crowd is as tense and into the game as much as the player. B. The device used in this writing is a hyperbole. C. He used it to show how tense the crowd was. D. The hyperbole was a success. 6. We’ve had a little rain," when the neighborhood is flooded. A. In this line from a comic strip, it show s that they character is being much undermined. B. This artifact is an example of an understatement C. The understatement is the part when the person says they had little rain. D. It was a success because it can’t flood with little rain. 7. "A witness shall not bear falsies against thy neighbor." (Archie Bunker in All in the Family) A. Archie Bunker used a play on words by saying falsies . B. This is an example of malapropism. C. Archie Bunker was meaning do not bear false witness against your neighbor. D. This was a success. 8. "When it pours, it reigns." A. This is a saying that used backwards. B. This is an example of a pun. C. When it reigns it pours is a saying but when it pours, it reigns is a play on words that is suppose to be funny. D. This was a success. 9. "I don't ache like I used to, yes I do," ~ Yes I do by Rascal Flatts A. This is a line in a song by Rascal Flatts. He clearly means one thing but it could mean either or. B. This an example of an Oxymoron. C. When he says I don’t ache like I use to, it could mean what it says or it could mean that he meant to say I don’t act like I use to. D. This very successful.

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