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Happy Birthday Card Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Fonts Hopeless-Roy Lichtenstein- 1963 We Rose Up Slowly- Roy Lichtenstein- 1964 TextBubbles (right) found at: Text Bubbles (Left) are public domain, found at ComicBook by user PixelSagas Fonts found on and are free for personal, non-commercial use Oh's happened Week 2 Fearless Defenders- Marvel Comics- Issue #10 2013 Intro to Graphic Design Color Palette References BAM POW Slapped by old age Character Inspiration This font is (C) 2003 Nate Piekos. All Rights Reserved. Created for Blambot Fonts This font is freeware for independent comic book creation and non-profit use ONLY. ( This excludes use by "mainstream" publishers, (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Oni, Image, SLG, Top Cow, Crossgen and their subsidiaries) without a license fee. Use by a "mainstream" publisher (or it's employee), and use for commercial non-comic book production (eg. magazine ads, merchandise lables etc.) incurs a license fee be paid to the designer, Nate Piekos. This font may not be redistributed without the author's permission and never with this text file missing from the .zip, .sit or .hqx. Blambot/Nate Piekos makes no guarantees about these font files, the completeness of character sets, or safety of these files on your computer. By installing these fonts on your system, you prove that you have read and understand the above. If you have any questions, visit For more free and original fonts visit Blambot. Nate Piekos Earth 2 Issue # 2- DC Comics - June 2012 Text Bubbles Shareware/ Font License Pixel Sagas Freeware Fonts EULA (End User License Agreement) and Software Inclusion Agreement "Purchaser" and "User" may be used interchangeably in this agreement. "Pixel Sagas" and "Neale Davidson" may be used interchangeably in this agreement. These all refer to the intellectual and legal property of Neale Davidson. Usage Pixel Saga's Shareware Fonts are free to use for personal, non-commercial purposes. No payment is necessary to use Pixel Saga's Freeware Fonts for personal use, and there is no limit to the amount of prints, pages, or other medium to be produced using them. However, you cannot offer the font for commercial sale, or offer for direct download. The inclusion of the font name and/or site URL in the credits or documentation when it is used is appreciated, but this is not mandatory. Payment Payment is not required for the use of Pixel Saga's Shareware Fonts. Commercial use requires a modest fee which can be paid through the web site through's services. The transaction receipt for any shareware "commercial license" purchase will suffice as proof of license. You may be getting slapped by old age, but at least we get to grow old together. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Mood Board BIRTHDAY CARD Badaboom BB by user Blambot

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