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Transcript: BY-Grace Heinert and Ashley Kramer Vocabulary Follicle- small cavity in the epidermis of skin, where hair develops Hair root- a place beneath the skin where cells band to for the protein of which hair is made of (keratin) Sebaceous Gland- produces oil which makes the hair shiny and a bit waterproof Melanin- a pigment that colors the skin Where it Comes from It starts in the hair root, the root inside is a follicle As the hair grows it pushes up through the follicle into the skin Tiny Blood Vessels at the root keep the hair growing When the hair gets past skin it dies and thats why it doesn't hurt when cut Almost every hair follicle is attached to a Sebaceous gland These pump out oil and make the hair greasy! What colors the hair is Melanin the lighter the hair the less melanin The main thing is keeping your hair clean When you wash your hair use warm water and a gentle shampoo A lot of times using conditioner is good because it helps your hair become smooth (Some products are good for your hair but others can be very harmful) Being rough with your hair can irritate your scalp Also eat a healthy diet, it will help your body inside and out! You have more than 100,000 hairs on your head About 50-100 hairs on your head fall out everyday Each hair on your head grows for 2-6 years, then rests for 6 months and falls out Each hair is replaced with a new hair out of the follicle This cycle helps to maintain the right number of hairs on your head hair is different Blonde, brown and red are the three hair colors. Your hair can be curly wavy or straight. The dominant genes for hair type is brown and curly hair. melanin is the substance that colors your hair. If your hair is really light then you have less melanin then sombody who has very dark hair. Older people will loose melanin so there hair tuns grey. Some hair will be thick and other people could have very thin hair it mostly depends on thier parents. Drugs will color your hair after a while. Drugs will cause hair loss. Its not true that brushing and trimming your hair will make it grow faster hair grows faster if you are eating the nutrients that you need daily Your hair grows .5 inches every month If the average man never shaved his beard it would grow to over 30 feet during his lifetime, longer than a killer whale One human hair can support 3.5 ounces, That’s about the weight of two full size candy bars Taking Care of Hair Losing your Hair Fun Facts Hair

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Transcript: In the twenties, the trend was to have really short hair. The blunt black bob was a hit, especially among the young flapper girls. The hairstyle was inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote a short story called Bernice Bobs Her Hair. It was about a socially isolated girl who bobbed her hair and as a result became a total vamp. Who wouldn’t want that? 1940's DO NOW: How do you feel hair has changed over the years (1920-2000). 1940 THE END 1950's The decade of supermodels, sexy hair and of course The Rachel: the haircut everyone wanted after seeing Jennifer Aniston in Friends. Meg Ryan was also a big hair-inspiration at the time. As well as the finger wave hairstyle. 1980's HAIR HAIR HAIR!!! 1950 1920!!! 2000's AIM:Time line of hair. Big, bigger, biggest was key in the 60′s. It’s the time of the iconic beehive and luscious waves a la Brigitte Bardot. Show your femininity! We also saw pixie crops on icons like Twiggy and Mia Farrow. 1970's 1920 The 2000′s don’t really have a distinct style. It’s more of a mixture of everything we’ve seen throughout the years. Recently the ombre look and pastel colored hair has been quite a big trend. The fifties were more about glamour and femininity. Straight hair was a no-no and nearly all women curled their hair. Ponytails were finished off with a cute ribbon, especially with teenagers, and Lucille Ball introduced the poodle cut. The trend of longer hair kept going, some women even had hair past their shoulders. At the same time women were forced to take on a lot of men’s tasks because the men were off fighting in World War Two. While moviestars like Lauren Bacall en Veronica Lake wore their hair long and wavy, most women wore snoods. Snoods were like fashionable hairnets. Most women only washed their hair once a week to maintain their curls for as long as possible. 1930's 1990's 1960's Long hair with a center part was one of the most characteristic hairstyles of the 70′s. Don’t forget the Farah Fawcett waves, which required a lot of hairspray and a blow drier. The keyword for 80′s hair was BIG. Crimping irons were used excessively and there was a lot of backcombing going on, for females as well as males Another hair style was the jheri curl. One of the most unforgivably hideous hair fails hail from the 80′s. 1930 In the ’30s women grew tired of the boyish look and decided to embrace their curves. The femininity also came back to hairstyles. The hair was longer, but usually not over shoulder-length and women started curling their hair. Finger waves were the trend, but we also saw sausage curls and pin curls. Hats were also a big trend.

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