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Network Diagram

Transcript: Before I learned about the various connections of society, I believed that I was a part of a "clustered network" consisting of only the people I had strong ties with. Danielle (Strong Tie) Danielle meets Drake through Charlotte Me Danielle (Sister node) Co-worker Degrassi Actress MTV VJ More than one connection to someone of fame (Weaker Tie) Girlfriend Through this social network he saw a tweet... (Strong Tie) There are two degrees of people between me and Drake & me and Charlotte. There is one degree of person between Charlotte and Danielle & Charlotte is the degree between Danielle and Drake. Danielle is bridge between Drake and Phoebe, who I met through two degrees of people. Either way I may have met Phoebe regardless of my friend Alex because Danielle knew Drake and Charlotte. Network Diagram Bridge between Charlotte & me To an individual of importance Charlotte Arnold Danielle (Super Node) Ego Network Alex Phoebe Charlotte Arnold (Stronger Mutual Tie) Friends with a co-worker at the Fusion hair salon who met Charlotte Arnold at an audition for Degrassi. Alex (Friend node) Famous Rapper & Actor Drake (Weaker Tie) Drake Bridge between Drake & me Met Phoebe though Danielle Bridge between Phoebe & Me Charlotte met Drake while shooting Degrassi High This makes both Danielle and Drake mutual friends of Charlotte. Since I know Danielle both celebrities will become mutual friends of one of my strongest ties. This changes the CLUSTER net into a SMALL WOLRD net. from his girlfriend who knew Phoebe from MTV and invited us to see her.

Network Diagram

Transcript: Begin your project with a single milestone (i.e Start). Find all activities in the table that have no immediate predecessors — they can all start as soon as you begin your project. Begin your diagram by drawing the relationship between the start of your project and the beginning of an activity Find all activities that have your first activity as an immediate predecessor. Continue in the same way with the remaining activities. After adding all the activities to the diagram, draw a box to represent the end (i.e End), and draw an arrow from the last activity to that box. How it works? Pros & Cons Example (, 2015) The purpose of Network Diagrams Network Diagram, (2015). Pros And Cons Of Network Diagrams ~ Helping Bloggers, Helping Students - Ask Will Online. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2015]. Diagram, H. (2015). How to Create a Network Diagram - For Dummies. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2015]., (2015). The Network Diagram - logical sequencing of tasks. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2015]., (2015). What is a Network Diagram? - Definition from Techopedia. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2015]. Besart Kunushevci Leftiana Nasto A quality management tool that charts the flow of activity between separate tasks. It graphically displays interdependent relationships between groups, steps, and tasks as they all impact a project. Bubbles, boxes, and arrows are used to depict these activities and the links between them. This is also known as a flow chart, project network, or process map. (, 2015). Solution Network Diagram Understanding and visualizing Project management planning Work breakdown structure Reference (, 2015) (Diagram, 2015) Pros Planning- Identify all tasks necessary to complete Identify 'critical' activities, also activities where 'float' exists Set deadlines to work towards. Interim + final Helps plan ordering of stocks/ materials or equipment. It helps cashflow Network can help solve problems that arise during the project Cons It takes time to produce It costs a lot to produce Is the network necessary? Is the task obvious or simple? It can become very complex- could be misinterpreted Reliability of data, e.g timescales, who has produced it and errors, e.g missing tasks Threat of external factors that cause problems, e.g weather

Network Diagram

Transcript: Off site Server Servers VLAN 2 The data that is traveling on the network will be encrypted. All the data that is stored on the network will also be encrypted. When wanting to access the data, only qualified personnel will be able to access the data (CSC 14) Wireless intrusion detection will also be implemented to be able to be notified if there are any potential threats on the network. Devices that are able to connect to the wireless network will have to be authorized as well as the people trying to connect to the network (CSC 15) Wireless Router Firewall Application System Security to make sure that the code being acquired is the correct software and code from the source. Also making sure that employees know where to get software and data, to make sure it is from validated and secure sources. (CSC 18) Port filtering will be enabled on all firewalls to be able to monitor all traffic on the network that is coming from and going to ports that are allowed and not allowed on the network (CSC 9) Virtual Machine for our configuration baselines that is going to have a secure baseline configuration and then is distributed to all workstations on the network (CSC 5) Machines are also Synced to the US Naval Observatory time protocol system (CSC 6) Database -Spiceworks is also able to monitor and keep inventory all software devices on the network (CSC 2) IT Workstation Offsite backup server to backup the data from the network. This is offsite because it helps make it much more secure, in case of a situation where all of our data is corrupted, then we will have a back up that is not in the building. (CSC 10) VLAN 1 -Spiceworks is able to monitor and keep inventory of all hardware devices on the network and also gives a easy to use portal to gain information on these devices (CSC 1) The Access management system is used to track activity for the clients on the network. It helps by also by sending alerts if any suspicious activity is seen by users. If a user is inactive for more than 30 days then the account is deleted and the client will have to be authenticated again for future access. (CSC 16) Penetration testing will happen from a professional penetration team every year to make sure that our network is secure and to fix any vulnerabilities of the network. There will be a Red Team to perform penetration exercises and see to the security of the netowkr (CSC 20) All workstations will have specific authentication for users trying to access the machines. Every member will have a unique username and password to access the network and machines. Wireless devices will also hold the same authentication process. Anyone without these credentials will not be allowed access to the network. (CSC 11) All workstations will have their USB and CD drives disabled to all devices, except ones that are tested and verified as safe for the network. Hashes ill all be issued out to confirm data coming over the network to make sure no changes have happened. (CSC 13) There will be Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) inside of the network to be able to alert and detect potential intrusions of the network, while also making sure that these intrusions can be prevented before they even happen. (CSC 12) -Alien Vault is used to monitor all security vulnerabilities to find and mitigate them. (CSC 3) Network Diagram Thomas Kempf VLAN 3 A workstation for the IT personnel. They have Administrative privileges for this workstation and all other workstations on the network. Only a specific number of IT members will have full administrative access to the workstations (CSC 4) Non-Software Training to make sure that all employees are educated on how to access data and use their machines to make sure that all employees are being as secure as possible, if employees need more training then they will be assigned for more. (CSC 17) Application Software Security to analyze and validate code and software that is being downloaded on the machines in the network. Scans of the software will be every day for the most used programs, with other programs being scanned every week. (CSC 18) Incident response and management will be conducted to make sure that if and when an attack happens to the network, that there are guidelines set in place to mitigate damage and make sure the network is able to recover. There will be assigned roles to employees so there is no panic on what to do when an incident happens to the network (CSC 19) Spiceworks is also used for whitelisting services that we allow on our machines. These whitelists will only allow the services that are comfirmed to be safe for the network. Spiceworks will also provide DNS filtering, logging, and alerting of any IP address that spiceworks feels is suspicious and might be a danger to our network (CSC 7,8)

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