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Presentation Software Comparison

Transcript: Can be converted to Powerpoint or PDF so the presentation can be viewed on a PC. Has collaborative tools, which lets others comment on your slides. Keynote Similar to Powerpoint, but it's free! Has been acquired by ClearSlide, so there are changes on the horizon. Can be use for free with the public option, but all your Prezis will be made public. Prezi The user can create an exciting slide show presentation that is full of animation. SlideRocket Lots of templates and features available that makes using the software easy. Can easily be integrated to an iPhone or iPad. Lets you monitor the effectiveness of your presentation through SlideRocket analytics. Powerpoint Features animation and effects options that can really liven up a presentation. Web based presentation software Made by Microsoft A comparison of 5 available options for creating eye catching presentations by Alyson Thepharat Instead of slides you create your presentation on one large canvas. The presentation is viewed by zooming into the items on a path that was created on the canvas. Presentation Software Comparison Made by Apple Has a large selection of templates available to download. Offers many interesting themes as well as high quality transitions and effects that help set the tone of your presentation. Easy for a beginner to create impressive slide shows, while still working well for a seasoned professional. Very popular, has been purchased and installed in many home, work and school computers. Uses Adobe Flash to help you quickly create animated presentations that will provide a unique viewing experience for your audience. Is so familiar to most audiences that your presentation may lose the wow factor you're hoping to achieve. Impress Desktop Applications Apache OpenOffice Can open and update files in Powerpoint. Real time data can be embedded and will update automatically on the slides.

ICT in the Classroom

Transcript: START ICT in the Classroom JHS/ES Goal To provide a variety of applicable ideas for supplementary materials, ranging from high-tech to low-tech techniques. What is ICT? ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. We use technology in the field of education to: 1. Support communication 2. Transfer information From: English Learning Made Easy- Strategies and Approaches (2015) What is ICT? What is ICT? Information: Data processed in a meaningful and purposeful form. Communication: The process of transferring information from one person to another. Technology: The scientific knowledge and application of an art or skill. From: English Learning Made Easy- Strategies and Approaches (2015) - Offers exposure to authentic, “real-life” English - Access to more resources in English - Gives students the opportunity to communicate with people globally - Helps develop a learner’s autonomy, fosters more indepdence and freedom for learning - Helps students gain more information, it can increase usage of the four skills From: The Impact of ICT on Literacy Education (2004) Benefits of Using ICT in the Classroom Electronic Clock Electronic Clock Use an electronic clock as a timer/stopwatch Free Easy to see and hear Self time managment Electronic Clock PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint Flash Cards and Games Free Downloadable in ppt and pdf format Printable PPT Flash Card PowToon Create short, fun animated videos to spice up your lessons PowToon Pros Free to signup Create short, fun videos Many templates User-friendly PowToon Cons Many features need subscription Requires internet Presentations public and can't download Comic Strips Make free printable comic strips online Comic Strips Free Easy to use Printable and can be emailed Comic Strips Prezi Create fun and interactive presentations, alternative to PowerPoint Prezi Prezi Pros Free to signup Create fun, interactive presentations Many templates User-friendly Cons Many features need subscription Requires internet Presentations public and can't download Audio Technology Voice Recognition Applications - Siri - My Talking Tom Websites - HowJsay (pronunciation) - BusyTeacher (listening) Audio Technology Siri Voice Recognition Applications My Talking Tom built-in voice command feature for Apple products virtual pet game that repeats what the user says Resource for English songs and fill-in-the-blank worksheets Websites HowJsay (pronunciation) BusyTeacher (listening) Online English dictionary that pronounces each word

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Transcript: All you need is a web browser You can work alone or collaborate Presentations have their own web address Can download to computer Easy-to-use Free Pros KEYNOTE Cons Cons Pros Pros alternatives to powerpoint Cons Cons Limited buttons and choices Not very advanced Cannot embed sounds or transitions Cons Requires the Internet Confusing editing tool Costs for use without internet Cons PREZENTIT More effects cost money Can't download presentation on your computer Flash-based only Make and store online Access from any computer Can email link Collaborative presentations Only for Mac users Can't be played on Windows Can't display the timeline for animations Video and audio recording Converts PowerPoint files to Flash Online training and templates Easy to add web based items Many presentation themes to choose from Pros Compatible with iPhone and iPad Professional and sleek Themes, transitions, fun effects User-friendly (handy tool and format bar) Multimedia friendliness Edit and animate images Free for Mac users Created and stored online Accessible anywhere Easily animated Interactive Free User-friendly Neat transitions/themes Full screen mode Tutorials Pros Cons Edit images Access anywhere User friendly Video and audio capabilities Online training Converts PowerPoints to Flash PREZI Improved, interesting presentations It is standard and many people have access to it Easy handouts User-friendly Pros POWERPOINT Free for the basics Lets you blend pictures, audio, video, and text to create personalized stories Media compatible Integrated with social media Everything is stored on Vuvox Pros Pros Cons Confusing Internet access necessary Unable to print out slides No image editing FLAIR Learning curve Technical difficulties PowerPoint can't do it all Expensive No free trial Demo is difficult to download Has limited functions No videos or hyperlinks Doesn't constantly save your work

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