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Transcript: Integration Carnegie Classification System History 1. Private bedroom 2. Onsite parking 3. Double beds 4. Onsite laundry 5. Internet access [2] 1970 Founding of Emory College [15] Common Characteristics Residence Life & Housing at Emory University Student Housing: Trends, Preferences & Needs [15] Questions? [7] [8] [9] [12] Millennials 1995 1963 "To create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity" 7,656 Lauren Adams, Jaclyn Kuwik, Alex Lange, Lenet Rivas Association of College and University Housing Officers - International History Student Development [20] Gilbert Hall is co-ed "A destination university internationally recognized as an inquiry-driven, ethically engaged, and diverse community, whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through courageous leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, health care, and social action" Residence Life originates Student Services Survey conducted by The Center of Facilities Research of the APPA found that incoming students ranked poorly maintained or inadequate facilities as the number one reason for rejecting an institution. Enrollment Mixed-Sex/Gender Neutral Housing 6,580 Shift from reactive to proactive Current Issues 1. American Council on Education. (1937). The student personnel point of view: A report of a conference on the philosophy and development of student personnel work in colleges and universities. (American Council on Education Studies Series 1, Vol. 1, No. 3). Washington, DC. 2. Bleiberg, S. (2003). A case for mixed-sex university housing policies. Journal of College and University Student Housing, 23(2), 3-9. 3. Durate v. Commonwealth of Virginia, 407 S.E.2d 41 (Va. Ct. App. 1991) 4. Emory Division of Campus Life. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2012, from Emory’s Office of Campus Life: 5. Emory History. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2012, from Emory History: 6. La Roche, C., Flanigan, M. A., & Copeland Jr., P. (2010). Student housing: trends, preferences and needs. Contemporary Issues In Education Research, 3(10), 45-50. 7. Lemons, B. R. (2012). Public education and student privacy: Application of the fourth amendment to dormitories at public colleges and universities. Brigham Young University Education & Law Journal, 1, 31 - 77 8. Massachusetts v. Neilson, 423 Mass. 75 (Mass. 1996) 9. Moore v. Student Affairs Committee of Troy State University, 284 F. Supp. 725 (N.D. Al. 1968) 10. Morale v. Grigel, 422 F.Supp. (D.N.H. 1976) 11. Ohio v. Ellis, 2006 WL 827376 (Ohio App. 2 Dist. 2006) 12. Piazzola v. Watkins, 442 F. 2d 284 (5th Cir. 1971) 13. Residence Life & Housing About Us. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2012, from Emory Univerisity’s Residence Life & Housing: 14. Sanseviro, M. (2010). Public-private partnerships for on-campus housing. The Journal of College and University Student Housing, 37(1), 60-71. 15. Schuh, J. H., Jones, S. R., & Harper, S. R (2010). Student services: A handbook for the profession (5th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 16. State of Arizona v. Kappes, 550 P.2d 121 (Ariz. Ct. App. 1976) 17. Teodorescu, D. (2011). Academic profile: Emory University - A profile of the schools and academic resources. Retrieved from 18. U.S. v. Feffer, 831 F.2d 734 (7th Cir. 1987) 19.vUniversity Organizational Chart (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2012, from Emory’s Office of the President: 20. University Mission Statement. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2012, from Emory’s Office of the President: 21. University Vision Statement. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2012 from Emory’s Office of the President: Reasonable Expectations of Privacy Two Components Government Actors = RAs? U.S. v. Feffer (1987) Morale v. Grigel (1976) Arizona v. Kappes (1976) SPPV 1 Disadvantages History The 4th Amendment & Privacy in Housing Residence Life Issues at Emory Recommendations for Successful Private-Partnerships 1978 14,236 [4] [5] Housing's Response to Millennials [14] What are Millennial students expecting? Private Institutions Public-Private Partnerships for On-Campus Housing [17] decision making is not based upon institutions' mission decision making based on profit, speed, cost effectiveness while low risk, no return for institution - Connie Carson, 2010 ACUHO-I President Religiously Affiliated Profit vs. Non-Profit Higher Tuition Rates Close Knit Community Academic Excellence Smaller Class Sizes Merit Scholarships [15] "The needs and desires of students and their families have changed over the past ten years, more so than in any other period I have seen. There is a lot more interest in housing with more


Transcript: DA FAM(ily) Emory is one of the only true friends i have she has been by my side since the fifth grade but it seems like as long as we were born, i hope that Emory succeeds in whatever she wants to succeed in if its band, piano, acting ,interior designing,(coming with me to calorado when we graduate). She is the most beautiful 13 year old i have ever seen as a "sister" i just bless that she has a Merry Christmas... Amen Emory is a PERFECT obo and saxyphone player. yet whenever the other band players mess up during a song they sound like dying cows, and orchestra... well they dont mess up if we do, its nothing... just kidding it sounds pretty bad when orchestra messes up, but emory i both have different opinions about her dating the gay guy (its just random) but band inspires her and i love to her her say how much she loves band and that gay guy... you know i love you emory Her Favorites WHEN IT STARTED It all started in the fifth grade when she decided to leave her school and come to hill. I think i first saw her at the old ace. We were young kids, but at first sight we were best friends. I was good friends with briauna at the time but then emory came... It was all uphill after that from fifth grade to now, Emory and i remain bestfreinds. Emory has one brother(and 1 sister) mother is Debrah and Father is Trevor ------------------------------------------------------ Her mum thinks of chickens after she has come from partys...A great cook 2 Her father is a older version of iron man...Yet a great buisness man And her brother...pimple popper,hippo butt,drunk sailor,bad selfier,lawn mower,LOVER OF MAKAYLA,...Yet a great musician and actor from: your sister lilly I love you most, Merry Christmas. watch for the fish... EMORY, MERRY CHRISTMAS EMORY She loves band(or to be a band geek) Her favorite book right now is DIVERGENT! PiAnO oBo SaXaPhOnE(and has attempted the violin) She is a "perfect" and a cheerleader (while i was a GAY and a hippie) Emory has a "lovehate" with her fat cat... but she likes her dog And im her favorite person(lilly) but who cares about me! this is EMORYs Christmas present! BaNd StUfF


Transcript: Location The END Best Majors School Tradition School History Paul Blum- CEO of Juicy Couture Charles Howard Candler Jr and Robert W. Woodruff ( Woodruff Arts Center was named after him.) - Both president of Coca Cola Company M. Lanier "Sonny" Carter- famous astronaut Howard R. Lamar- President, Yale University Frank Main, David M. Potte, C.Vann Woodward & Dumas Malone- Pulitzer Prize Winners (The Pulitzer Prize is a prestigious united states award for stellar achievements in newspapers, journalism, literature, and musical composition. ) Sam Nunn & Wyche Fowler Jr.- members of the U.S. senate 6 alumni have been part of the US House of Representatives. Christine King Farris- the eldest and oldest living sibling of Dr. Martin Luther King and also a teacher at Spelman College. Admissions Famous Alumni GPA requirements: 3.5 or higher (only 1% had lower) Test Scores:Must take either the SAT or ACT (and perform well up to Emory's standards). Vality check on admission essay. "Why is Emory the perfect school for you?" Emory University GOOOO Eagles! From 1-5 (my major- education or foreign language literatres) Social Sciences Business/Marketing Biology Health Professions Psychology By: Elizabeth Hinmon June 24, 2013 Period #1 Statistics Mr. Fludd Dooley Week!! Dooley week is a spontaneus tradition at Emory College. The Dooley skeleton is basically the biology lab skeleton who "comes to life'' to safeguard the official Spirit of Emory. He makes silly and wild appearances like on a painted motorcycle driving through a giant gate. The crazy week is said to have all started when dancing was finally permitted of campus, and the students would "dance around with Dooley.'' * Has been called the closest to "a Southern Ivy League college.'' Over 90% of students graduate within their first six years and large majority enter with over 3.75 as their GPA. The emory school motto is: " The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.'' -Proverbs 18:15 Lastly, the school was founded in the year of 1836, but has been equipped with some great, new facilities too. Emory's campus is located on 1615 Pierce Drive NE in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. This university has a suburban setting and residential campus with small-medium sized classes depending on how popular your major is.

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