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Transcript: CVs, Cover Letters and The Job Search CV Overview Why a CV Template? Companies expect a certain image IE must show cohesion IE students should always be different and differentiated CV Books must have a format What info is to be included? Challenge Action Result Dates: Reverse chronological order Languages Native Fluent/Bilingual Intermediate Beginner no examination results except if needed or required Additional Information Other relevant experience Co-curricular activities Extra curricular activities Leadership CL What is a cover Letter? a letter to show why you are the ideal candidate. it is not a CV extension it is not to talk about the CV or the experience Preparation 3 part rule Why are you good for the position? (skills, experience, achievements) Why are you the perfect fit? Do not forget to follow up Do you see the fit?? Who you are High overall GPA (3.0 or higher) High GPA in major Certificate for Academic Excellence The CV-Book offers the opportunity to make your CV available for many companies in an easy way. Dean's List for consecutive years? RESEARCH Do you hold a role in a social club? Body CV HR Policy Mission Vision Values What's it like to work there? Do they have any opportunities? .pdf attached EXCEPT when spontaneous application be short and precise answer the questions give concrete examples match the companies needs with your profile Have a native speaker proofread Don't be too modest nor too presumptuous SELF ASSESSMENT GPA & Awards sector company's Activity Web Page (careers site) Thanks to a neatly arranged CV-database, companies have the opportunity to find and directly contact their ideal candidate. CV Self assessment Research Rewarded for your time spent on a special cause? Who am I? What am I good at? What do i like to do? Volunteer Experience Research proposal Passioned by a particular cause? Outraged by a particular injustice? Moved to the point of action? Taylor made Dynamic Are you an academic decathlon champion? Method Seminars Courses Certifications Qualifications Computer skills Hobbies ... Thesis Situation Task Action Result Did you serve as student body president? First of all!! Think about your target audience because that will determine all the information you will include in your CV How to start a job search Offer yourself for further steps Thank the opportunity Tell them you expect an answer but nevertheless you will do some follow up Active participation over the course of years? Part of a winning team? Recognized for athletic ability? Winner/champion? Are you active on campus? Do you work with other students? Are you considered a point of reference to peers? Awards Enjoy participating in MUN activities? Closing Journal article Method Academic Leadership TIPS There's no room for errors No spelling mistakes Grammar Poor Presentation Format Don't be vague Don't explain all details CV RECAP 1 page No photo if not requested Font (easy) and size (min:10) No colors Chronological order No jargon APPLY!!!! Spent summers working as a hospital volunteer? Worked with elders? Publications Have you worked as a tutor in a particular subject? Have you served as a mentor to a particular demographic? Job Search Introduction Why are you writing the letter How to build up a CV CV Overview Definition Uses Structure Recap Tips How to write a Cover Letter Definition Pre work Draft Tips The Job Search How to start The Process Tips What is a CV? Professional component Personal details Educational background A tool to show your profile and experience What is it for? to catch the recruiter's attention and go a step further in the recruitment process... to get an interview Personal details: name+contact Professional Objective Little description of oneself Short Pitch = soft skills + motivation + expectations + goals Junior Product manager with high command in English, German and Italian, specialized in global businesses and International environments very close to the Business lines and the corporate areas with the aim of becoming a strategic partner. Broad experience in dealing with top management within very demanding environments. Education University degree + Exchange Programs School Name + Dates School? Only if you think it could be relevant to the recruiter no subjects no clubs no activities (Professional) Experience Company name: most common, well known, Group (if not: explanation) Position: Be truthful do not exaggerate if you did not have a proper title make a brief description Description: Bullet points Action verbs No personalization Past tense unless current position Show your skills Why do you need to have to want to work for the company Show your skills be consistent Method Situation Task Action Result Only relevant experience consistent with requirements Only relevant achievements consistent with requirements and which may show your abilities or skills SET THE TARGET Functional Area Sector Companies MAKE THE TARGET LIST EXCEL SHEET WHERE? WEB SITE NEWS NETWORKING WHAT? TYPE OF


Transcript: takes longer to correct mistakes and produce product As you can see: "It just started out like -1.00, -2.00, -2.50, -3.75 and it eventually got to -4.50, and I'm like, 'Oh my God, I really can't see anything... Without help, I literally can't see you sitting in front of me." productivity 2015 survey: most children get their first phone by the age of 6 (for security) What can be done? PIOTR LE by Erin Choi Computer Vision Syndrome (ABC7 Chicago) "Worker Productivity and Computer Vision Syndrome - All About Vision." 2008. 9 May. 2016 <> "Computer Vision Syndrome - Total Family Eyecare." 2016. 20 May. 2016 < computer-vision-syndrome/> "Computer Vision Syndrome - WebMD." 2008. 4 May. 2016 < syndrome> "As children acquire cellphones at younger ages and are using them more frequently during the day, we are seeing the symptoms presenting in younger children more than we have before." "Worker Productivity and Computer Vision Syndrome - All About Vision." 2008. 9 May. 2016 <> tension, arm/wrist pain, teary eyes, double vision ~90% of Americans who use a computer for 3+ hours daily have symptoms (Chicago Tribune) (Washington Post) Applications of CVS Tan, Zhai Yun. "After A Long Day At The Computer Do You Have A Medical Problem ..." 2016. 10 May. 2016 <http://> "blurry car photos | IEDEI." 2014. 23 May. 2016 <> What is CVS? (Garner Life Changing Care) (Chicago Tribune) "Digital Eye Strain - North Carolina Optometric Society." 2016. 25 May. 2016 <> "After a long day at work, my contacts would fuse to my eye... I didn't see someone next to me. I could have gotten in an accident. ("Statistics | What is Computer Vision Syndrome?") MELISSA BANILA (12+ hours screen time daily) less productivity = more mistakes increases negativity in workplace, with consumers of products/results For everyone: limit screen time use proper vision correction takes longer to correct mistakes and produce product Society's Future What is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)? "After A Long Day At The Computer Do You Have A Medical Problem ..." 2016. 10 May. 2016 <http://> "Give free eye care to a child in need - Featured Articles from the ..." 2011. 23 May. 2016 <http://> LINDA TOTANES Symptoms Workers' Productivity me. I could have gotten in an accident. That was really scary for me." (IEDEI) less productivity = more mistakes increases negativity in workplace, with consumers of products/results (IEDEI) PIOTR LE (ABC7 Chicago) CVS in the Workers' Society "Computer Vision Syndrome - WebMD." 2008. 4 May. 2016 < computer-vision-syndrome> Most Commonly Experienced Symptoms of CVS In working environments: companies providing regular eye exams for employees computers positioned to receive minimum glare height-adjustable chairs (Washington Post) ("Statistics | What is Computer Vision Syndrome?") "My focus became blurry, like I was looking through a haze." proper vision correction 2015 survey: most children get their first phone by the age of 6 (for security) "Computer Vision Syndrome - WebMD." 2008. 4 May. 2016 <> "Statistics | What is Computer Vision Syndrome?." 2011. 4 May. 2016 <> of current most popular jobs: computer systems analyst industrial engineer web developer software developer more workers susceptible to CVS some workers unaware of their own vision problems productivity "We consider this a public health emergency... computer vision syndrome is of particular concern for children, many of whom spend hours staring at phones, tablets, computers and television screens. We should think about our child's eyes." time required to complete tasks ~90% of Americans who use a computer for 3+ hours daily have symptoms eye condition from focusing eyes on a (computer) screen for an extended period of time affected by contrast, flickering, glare, distance, uncorrected vision problems In working environments: companies providing regular eye exams for employees computers positioned to receive minimum glare height-adjustable chairs "After a long day at work, my contacts would fuse to my eye... I couldn't see; I didn't see someone next to LINDA TOTANES Symptoms time required to complete tasks "Worker Productivity and Computer Vision Syndrome - All About Vision." 2008. 9 May. 2016


Transcript: A document that summarises your academic and work history A written description of your work experience, educational background and skills Personal profile Your name should stand out clearly at the top of your CV. Perhaps make it a larger font size and make it bold. Include your home address, contact numbers and your private email address Update this information when or if it changes Interests and additional information Your CV needs to be concise and easy to read - keep things simple but appropriate Keep all information as short and punchy as possible - maximise the space you have. Put yourself in the position of the reader of your CV - if it not clear to you, it won't be to someone else, and arguably more importantly, if you find your own CV dull and boring, the person reading it will be bored with it too. Make sure you give the name of each school or college, the dates you attended and the qualification you obtained and the grade/predicted grade Depending upon your age and the stage of your career you may want to put the work experience section of your CV before your education. The choice is your's and you'll need to decide what is most relevant for the job you are applying for. If you are just leaving education or have little work experience your qualifications are the most important thing you have to offer. Make sure you cover them in detail. Make sure what you add here is relevant to the job e.g. add that you have a driving license if you have one. Keep it short and positive and maybe use bullet points if that makes it easier There is no need to add a date of birth If you include information about your interests and avoid activities or statements that are passive or vague e.g. "I enjoy watching TV" - that's not very proactive! Be a bit specific; a similar interest to an employer could get you an interview Look critically and objectively at everything you include - if you can't immediately see why it is there, take it out. Ask someone else to look at your CV - very helpful, especially if they know something about the career you're looking at. Make sure the information is up to date and relevant to the job you are applying for. Don't include anything that happened more than five years ago - unless it is still relevant. Employment What is the purpose of a CV? The aim of this presentation is to provide you with some answers to these questions and give you some useful tips when preparing your own CV Companies may ask for a CV when you apply for a job You may be asked to send a CV to accompany an application form CV's are also a good way of keeping information about yourself in one place so if you do need to fill in an application form you have all dates and information on hand Your CV also gives you the chance to inform an employer what you can bring to the role There are three types of statement you could make here: Personal profile - A short statement of around 30 words outlining your key personal characteristics Career profile - A short outline of your career highlights/work experience Career objective - A statement about the specific career or employment position you are seeking (this is useful if you are changing careers) I can do this job and I would fit in well If you have had lots of work experience or jobs, only go into detail about those that are most relevant natalie Include all qualifications and list starting with your most recent This is where all contact information needs to be put What should a CV look like? What are they? What should you include in them? What are their purpose? Your CV is a chance for you to communicate this message to potential employers An employer will not have time to wade through pages of information The information you include on your CV needs to be concise and relevant You need to choose the appropriate information to include on your CV for each job There are no real rules about what a CV should look like or how it's set out. The key is to imagine what the employer would like to see in a CV. A few things to remember: Your CV should be word processed in black ink Using a clear font such as Arial or Times New Roman CV's should not be longer than 2 pages of A4 Information about yourself should be presented clearly and logically in a style that is easy to follow This is where you highlight your main skills, qualifications, achievements and work experience HELLO, I AM... What is a CV? References I AM HAPPY TO HELP! This section is very much up to your personal preference Start with your current or most recent job and work backwards. Add a short description of your responsibilities. List some of your key achievements in that role e.g. top seller, increased sales etc. Keep what you write as short and punchy as possible and avoid using "I". Include details of any work experience you have undertaken Highlight how these experiences are relevant to the job you are applying "CV" stands for Curriculum Vitae and can be defined as: The main message you are trying to get across

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